Thursday, 15 October 2009

LA Fashion on Broadway

Last night was the premiere night of LA Fashion on Broadway at the LA Theater featuring Maxine Dillon, popomomo, David Alexander, Chelsea Rebelle, and Ximena Valero. Totally stoked to be working behind the scenes doing everything from setting up chairs and gift bags to directing guests to their seats at the shows.

Caught a glimpse of the popomomo show. Not your typical runway show. The models rotated between 5 to 6 stations around the stage, casually posing for a few minutes, fiddling around with ribbons at each spot. Think going to a museum and seeing an art installation with live people in it.

Chunky bead and rope necklaces.

Open backs.

Spat shoes.

On the way, spotted fashion designer Mallyce of the label Laeken wearing her own studded denim jacket.

If you follow me on TWITTER, you might have sensed the commotion going on just before the Chelsea Rebelle show. But not to worry, fashion assistants to the rescue. We rushed 100 chairs down two flights of stairs just in time to start fashionably late!

Sexy construction girl wearing HUGE multi buckle platform boots, making multiple appearances throughout the show.

Faux leather jumper dress

Fierce. Major.

This finale dress was worth the wait.

Dollface Jenny knows how to turn body con leopard print into a sweet look. Wearing a dress by our favorite store Topshop, sheer top DKNY, and shoes from Frye.

Don't you just love her pixie hair?

Totally had to find out who this more-fab-than-Lady-Gaga trendsetter was!

Sorry girls, Beth's key pieces are all vintage!! Vint jacket, vint Saks hat, Gucci purse, and Marc Jacobs rings. One glove, that's how you roll!

The Ximena Valero show opened with a short modern dance with the models showing off the versatility of the clothes by tying the tops in at least 5 different ways. The dance was followed by the energy pumping fashion show featuring short and long jumpsuits, dresses, and complicated braided twists.

Plunging necklines.

Look at the red rope on the model's right arm, one of my fav looks.


Elaborate criss cross theme in the front and back of the dresses.

A closeup of the hair, some intense braids. Backstage with gorgeous new model on the block Gretchen, 22.

Detailed shot of the braiding and twists on the dresses modeled by Jaq, 24.

With total darlings Genesis and Walter after the show.

Indulging in my front row status before the show. Don't laugh, I'm totally stoked!

Success! Here in my all black uniform Wearing a Go International dress by Richard Chai, Hue patterned stockings, feather hairpiece from Japan, and Enzo Angiolini shoes.

The big sleeves double as pockets for storing my soon-to-be-iPhone, pinkcamera, and other gadgets!

That's it for tonight, but more coverage of LA Fashion this weekend! Thanks again to all my readers, I heart you all!


  1. Awesome leather dress in the first show! You're so lucky to be able to go to all of these...

  2. I really don't know whatto say girl,I'm just speechless !!

    All gorgeous stunning photos and you're so lucky to be able to attend this event:) i wished I was there tooooo<3

    Backless dress is way hot and sexy and Chelsea Rebelle is my favorite collection of them all!

    So many statement pieces and the last dress was just so so my favorite! I want it!

    Love love those street style you snap at the show.Beautiful :)
    Those models' braids are way hot and beautiful.

    All in all,everything photo way fab.I'm just going through the post over and over again. heeeeee

    Stunning all black outfit you wore. The dress and those heels,so chic yet a classic!
    And your headpiece,a close up please:)

    big huggsssss LOVE YOUUUU !

  3. Oh wow, I think I'm speechless too! You're such a lucky girl!!!

    I love the flowy, maxi dresses! Can you mail one over to me? They're so gorgeous!!

    Adore the pic of you in your front-row status, you look like you're ready to roll:)

  4. You are soooo lucky!

    I love those big beads on the rope original!

  5. Great pics!! You are one lucky lady!

    Your outfit, how genius, puff sleeves as pockets?? haha

    <3 Christine

  6. seems like u totally enjoyed your frontseat view! i love that finale dress... very pretty! :)

  7. Oooooooh what a great post! One day I'll go to the NY Fashion week!! <3!!


  8. I love that finale dress... so gorgeous. And you are so lucky to have a front row seat.

  9. i love those criss-cross dresses and your headband is lovely! =)

  10. Fabulous seat you got. Lucky you! :)
    Have a great weekend! :)

  11. wow, congrats on being there for that! what great oppourtunity! the outfits are so beautiful and look very fashion-forward, something worthy of being in NYFW. So great that you got to be there for that!!

  12. omg that silver dress!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    and you looked great!

    girl you always write the sweetest comments!

  13. I'm so into that hairpiece of yours and a big MEOW to Miss Jenny!

  14. oh some of those dresses are just stunning! Love the black slashed neckline one - so sultry-sexy...not an ounce of trash about it.


  15. i love ur dress ^^
    i love ur hair piece too ^^

    and all the dresses are so lovely ^^

  16. Also I blog on Naka's Net more often than Lollipops and Candyfrocks

    but school is tiring me out so lack of posts atm :(

  17. This looked like an incredible show! How fun! Love your outfit....looked so chic!

  18. One word. ENVY.

    I especially love those tangerine shoes and the sparkly dress! No worries, I would definitely be indulging the front row opportunity at any fashion show! If, of course, that ever happens!

    Thanks so much for stopping by! My sister takes my pics. And I agree, biking is cool!

  19. Very cool you got to go to this show, The clothing looks amazing I wouldnt know where to start seriously.

  20. wow!
    thank you so much for sharing beautiful photos
    from fashion week. the rope necklace gives me a hint on
    DIY project.
    i;m sure you;re glowing in that evening. i love your dress.

    p.s i;m using nikon d60 with 18-55mm lens.

  21. Hi Patty Ann. Thank you so much for visiting my blog and for leaving all those comments. I really appreciate it. I've been meaning to return the favour, but my internet has been super slow so it's been hard for me to reply to people's comments. - This is a great post, by the way. I always enjoy seeing pictures from the runway. It's very inspiring. You look very chic in this outfit. All black never goes out of style. Now... to catch up on all your other post...

  22. popomomo? how cute the name of this fashion show! =D
    great dress.

  23. wow i love all of the pictures (:
    thank you for the comments dear, i'm so happy to read them!

  24. my heart momentarily stopped at that silver finale dress at Chelsea Rebelle ,what a stunner!!

    I've been collecting images for about two years even before i started blogging, and there are two of us running Pigtails & Blushing Cheeks so we have alot of photo sharing between us!

    Usually i think of a theme and group them together . Here are websites where i find most of them :

  25. Thanks so much for the lovely comments, really appreciate it. :D
    Great post and those pictures are amazing! Looks really great and your blog is wonderful.. so inspiring!

  26. Thanks for your comments :)

    great blog! xoxo

  27. Hi, love! I sent some writers to cover LA Fashion Week-- and sorry I couldn't be there this season. I will definitely be heading there next season, after seeing the lovely parade on display ;) Front row! Look at you ;)

  28. Wow awesome photos. I'm kind of in love with that girls studded denim jacket.

  29. hi, thanks for commenting on my blog. this is a great post. i looove runway photos. :):)

  30. WOW! I am solely without words, this post is AWESOME and YOU LOOK FABULOUS!!!:)))

  31. I love all the shoes, that sparkling dress and the long dresses. You look beautiful! I love the front row experiences.

  32. looks like a great show! love the plunging jumpsuit (if only i could pull that off) and the photo right after it with the red rope going up the arm! hope you have a fabulous week ahead!

    x ws x

  33. great post love your outfit too! and thank u for all your sweet comments its ok to mia once in awhile xx

  34. Great post! That's so cool that you get to go to LA fashion week. Hopefully someday I'll work in the fashion industry and can go to the shows! I love the chunky necklaces in the first pics and those braids are intense!


  35. I love you Patty <3 You have an amazing sense of fashion and thanks for sharing it with us ;) Loved looking through the pictures (which by the way are gorgeous)and reading your comments about LA fashion week! All I can say is that I would love to wear that silver mini-dress and also, hopefully, one day be backstage at a fashion show with you! Keep us happy with more fashion updates, because if a pair of pink shades cannot make us see "la vie en rose" I don't know what can :) xoxo

  36. Wow, u look stunning!!! This is amazing!!!! Thanks for ur comment- no wonder u have not been around much, Ur sooo lucky!!!!!! xxxx

  37. great post!!!
    & thanks for the comment

  38. Ahh!! I LOVE these photos, especially the braids!!! Thank-you for your sweet sweet comments on my little blog... mice ARE scary!

  39. Hey :) Thanks so much for you comment on my blog, as usual i really appreciate it! I Love your pics - I AM SO JEALOUS!!! Plus, these are such gorgeous dresses and such. I wish wish i was there!

    Panda xx

  40. Thanks for the sweet comment! I like your blog by the way! You have some fabulous photos! I am going to become a follower!

  41. Thanks for the comment on my blog, I love those pictures too! This is such a fun post, looks like you had a great time!
    Be sure to visit The Drifter and the Gypsy again and follow my blog as well!


  42. It's great that you were working during fashion show! Thanks for vist on my blog and nice comments :)

  43. great photos. thanks for sharing!

  44. Hi Patty Ann. I wanted to say thank you for your supportive comment. It really means a lot to me. I'm so lucky to have readers like yourself and it makes me happy to know that you enjoy reading my blog. Thank you so much for your kind words and for you understanding and encouragement. It means the world to me. More than you know. You're very sweet and wonderful, Patty Ann.

    I hope you have a good day.

    All the best,

  45. heyyy.,.sory took the mesegge so long :)))
    i been busy with my job in da office dear.
    owhh u looks so stunning on these pictures.
    lovely all the photos.
    much love .
    tu me manques (i miss u )

    bisssousss xoxox,.

  46. Adore adore your new header !! could I be reserved for a seat beside you too ?! heeee

    Can't wait for your next post <3

  47. Wow little sis, how lucky are you to be in the middle of all these fun chaos!! I'm so jealous!! I love that elegant green halter silk gown, love, love, love!

    You are really securing for yourself a very fashionable future! It's always good to start young! =)

  48. The photos are amazing!! All looks fantastic and so much fun!
    Thanks for stopping by my blog, I appreciate your sweet comments!
    Have a fabulous day!

  49. maaan, i love the denim jacket!
    thanks for the comment on my blog :)

    i've linked and followed you!

    love annie <3

  50. So beautiful show!
    This glitter dress is fab! So balenciaga!!!
    LOve all here!
    I am so glad you could make it!

    Many kisses,


  51. The leather dress was so cool, especially with the booties :) that long green dress was stunning too. And I love your hair piece!

  52. Hey hun, thanks for the sweet comments you left on my blog :)

    LOVE yours! Your posts are so interesting. & I'm so jealous you get to go to LA fashion week! I ended up missing most of London fashion week as I was sooo ill :( next season will be better though!

    Do you want to trade links?

    ♥ Hannah



  53. been busy?? update soon! missing your news :) lovely day!

  54. Hi, I've just found your blog and I love it, as well as the pictures!!

    MAISON CHAPLIN: fashion shows, backtage, interviews with the best designers, photoshoots!

    Now following you, follow me 2! ;)

  55. omg.
    i just died
    that sequin bubble dress is ah-may-zinnngg
    i want that for my formal
    i can't stop looking at it

  56. sorry but mind if i steal that pic of the sequin dress? or do you mind telling me where i can find other pics of it?

  57. that sequin dress is amazing!

  58. wow,
    I looove the ORANGE booties!!

    Lucky girl!

  59. The open backed dresses and crazy braided hair are definitely my favorite! Looks like these shows were a ton of fun

  60. Hi Patty Ann. I was just thinking of you. I hope you're not going MIA on us again (just kidding). Just wanted to let you know I did a post on photography to answer some questions people had about my pictures. I know you asked me awhile back about my pictures, so I hope the post answers some of your questions. Hope you're doing well and have a nice weekend.

  61. Aww man, I'm still super jealous. BTW - I love your new header!

    Thanks so much for stopping by!

  62. That silver sequin number is GORGEOUS. Love love love love.

  63. Dear, i tagged u for awards, so check out this url for further info! pleasant weekend *smiles*

  64. I love open back dresses and I also like the first grey dress. This is an excellent post.

  65. GORGIE!!

    thanks for sharing :)))

  66. so envious of you. that looks like a great time. ahh.. i just get more and more sure that i want to work with clothes for the rest of my life. love it.

  67. So beautiful nude dress and looks above!
    I love that!!!

  68. You look super cute, love the hair clip:)


  69. Hey hun! I have nominated you for an award- check out my post : ) xx


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