Saturday, 12 September 2009

Heavy Metal

Thank you all so much for your sweet comments! I'm visiting all your blogs right now :)

This is my favorite 'going out' outfit! Of course it's all black. Very out of character for me actually! Only a few years ago I refused to wear black at all!


The top is actually an XL, that's why its so long and drapey.

Above: I'm wearing Chinese Laundry shoes.
Below: I'm wearing my Enzo Angiolini pumps.

Right now I'm pretty much obsessed with anything studded, pirate, or edgy/goth, hence the studded belt, armful of bangles, and all black outfit.

AlphaBetaChic AlphaBetaChic

Which shoes do you like most???

I'm weraing an Old Navy top, Target liquid leggings, Target studded belt, Betsey Johnson pirate earrings, and assorted bracelets/cuffs/necklace from Forever 21.


  1. WOW!!!! The outfit is amazing and you look gorgeous!!! I like those silver pumps more!!

  2. Good evening rocker chick! Good that you can do all colors of the spectrum...I'll try to do that! Loving studs these days... and bangles I've worn since Grade 5, I think.

    It was not too long ago when black was absolutely a no-no for me...but look at me now, 80% of my wardrobe is black! What a change! haha!

    Hope you're having a nice weekend!

  3. What can I say... you rock girl. I love the all-black outfit. I'm not biased though since I really love black but you sure look fabulous.

  4. I can't believe this is the same girl as on the header!! What a change!

    Really love that you're not confined into just one look. Your fashion IQ is way above your age! ;-)

  5. omgoshhh :D
    patty babbyy ive missed you
    tbh so bored of blogging
    but i love this utfit.
    must be my fave out of all yours

  6. thanks baby! the flats are steven by steve madden. best flats find ever.

    p.s. i love that look with the wedges. very rocker. silver shoes look very 80s. amazing what a difference shoes can make.

    great blog.

    - Katie, haute from the oven

  7. Love that belt and the leather, I like the outfit a lot more with the platforms, super hot

  8. i like the black strappy shoes. they're so cute. :)

  9. love your heels this is awesomes!

  10. This all black rocker outfit is perfect and it looks amazing on you girl !!

    I too is getting obsessed with anything studded or armful of bangles(which is a must for me) everyday ! heeee

    Great poses girl,you could model right away ! And loving all those accessories :))

    Love this outfit best with those strappy wedges.

    Pssst. So sorry but reply to your previous questions.
    Yes,I normally wear what I post on my blog the whole day. Even if its going out. Normally there's no time to go home and change after work,so I'll wear what I want for the whole day.

    Ohhh and when in Dec in your birthday ??

  11. Hey love,

    What a great blog I must say!

    Come visit us too!

    The Hangers.

  12. YEaaa you totally missed a GREAT show ! They played at Shoreline Amphitheater in Mountain View . It was freakin awesome ! I'll post pix later :P
    I like the last shoes ! :P

  13. faaaaaaaaaaabulous!
    LUST the belt! x

  14. The leggings are awesome and you look great!

  15. Wow, what a different look than your usual, but you're totally rocking it! Love the all-black outfit!

    I think the silver pumps work better with this outfit:)

  16. Great outfit, I think the shoes depend on where you're going, and the mood.

    juliet xxx

  17. love those leggings and the all black look!

  18. Re:Girl, yes ! I did post up photod of my boyfriend and myself. hahaha Okay,will go post up a proper one of us together :)

    It's tiring to blog sometimes after work,but I do make it a point !

    Ohhhh,thanks for those tips on the sheer stocking as a top.Will go try them out.

    The DIY scraps is so much fun ! In the booklet,there are 5 ways to play with your scraps.
    Like making a bracelet,headband,turban etc.

    I've made 2 bracelets already <3

  19. I adore studs as well. This outfit is very cool and wet look leggings look so good on you!xo

  20. The second ones! Those pumps are lovely *jumps*!!! I love tht look too, you're gorgeous!

    By the way, here are the links I told you ^_^

    There are some more, but those are my favourite Inditex's shops; enjoy!!

    And thaks for your lovely comment, you're so cute <3!!

  21. I like the wedges the best!

    Wow, girl, you look fantastic! I love the drapey top!

  22. i adore both shoes, i mean , they're simply gorgoeus. and this outfit is also just stunning, love the belt!



  23. BRILLIANT outfit! i love it! to reply to your question- i am a student studying to be a kindergardenteacher- done in january.. But i breathe and live fashion. And i make tees in my spare-time. So when im done with school- ill probably work with fashion full time- one way or another. I have had some stylistjobs so i hope there will be more of that.. take care x

  24. You are such a gorgeous girl, and your unique sense of style is really inspiring. Oh and thank you so much for you lovely comment on my blog!

    Panda xx

    oh, i love all the shoes.

  25. Gorgeous, darling!
    Love the leggings!


  26. I love the Chinese Laundry heels, so cute !

  27. Great outfit. i must admit i dont wear black that much as i'm so pale everyone always thinks i'm trying to rock the goth look - even if it is only a black tee!

    For all things fashion:

  28. Great Look!!!Thanks sweety!!! Looking good, looking good!!!

  29. WOW! You are so pretty. All these shots look like straight out of a editorial!

    Off to read your earlier posts. I am so glad i came across your blog!

  30. Love that studded belt. I like the Chinese Laundry and silver shoes!

  31. your style is super gorgeous. love how both shoes fit with the outfit.. so versatile! glad to discover your site.:)


  32. i think my favorite shoes are the wedges in the last picture. i'm so with you on the punk pirate thing. most of my wardrobe is black. i'm such a sucker for anything studded. i love the top and the belt.

  33. if i see you somewhere, i will definitely rob those bangles from your hand. hehehe... really love it...

    thanks for replying my comments earlier...



  34. definitely like it all black, the strappy shoes are really cool.

    i love buying tops like three sizes too big and wearing them as dresses, and it's usually cheaper too!


  35. big tops make the best dresses... I used to wear a huge Marc Jacobs T as a dress, but then I shrank it in the wash and now its just a T lol...ah well!
    awww thanks for your compliments on my drawing...I used to have classes in Life Drawing, but now I just randomly draw, but its all part of my degree anyway, cos I'm at art school!


  36. Great outfit! I like how you make black edgy and not boring at all! I love both the shoes, but I'm always digging those shoes with the crazy straps! Definitely completes the outfit perfectly!

    Thanks so much for stopping by!

  37. WOW! you look fantabulous in black!!! :) I love the las look better, those hells are awesome!

    XOXO gretting from the boring dress code...

  38. i love the shoes on the right more but both are cute

  39. the buckle up shoes on the right seal the deal! lovely. i know i used to be so against black but the more i tried to avoid it the more i fell in love with it!

  40. The black strappy heels are so badass--definitely the better shoes!

  41. I like the first shoes the best! and I love your bangles and bracelets. They are verrry pretty.

  42. goooodness
    the wedges in perfect black straps- the beauty.
    but honestly, you look lovely in everything;]

  43. thankyou so much for the birthday serenade! haha. i love your outfits, especially the first one (: take care xo

  44. Love your look! I always find myself wearing all black when I go out too. I think my faves are the chines laundry heels.

    p.s. I think it's a boy with ali in the pics
    thanks for visiting my blog!

  45. cuuutttee - my favourite shoes are the wedges! :)

    Thank you for all of your lovely comments - you are such a sweety!

  46. i love ur black wedges!
    love it so bad! =D

  47. i love the silver pump as well as the chinese laundry heels! love your black outfit. its black but definitely not boring..

  48. This outfit is amazing. I like your style. And i really really love you Enzo Angiolini pumps. They are great. I would wear them every day :D

  49. First of all, you look totally awesome! My choice of shoes?? the ones in the first pic are great! My second choice will be the silver pumps, both I think are very nice!
    Thanks for leaving a comment on my site, really appreciate your input!
    Have a wonderful week!

  50. You just keep getting BETTER! Your accessories are perfect.

    I think I like the first shoes best with this outfit.

    <3 Christine
    What Was I Thinking?

  51. Loving the wedge heels and all your accessories!

    In response to your comment... I find out what the ladies are wearing from different websites or I might recognize an item. A great website to find items for certain celebs is:

  52. I like the Chinese Laundry shoes in the first picture. The hardware detail about the ankle strap corresponds magically with your belt and other accessories. Love it! :)

  53. Send us your look, and be part of Look 10.

  54. I love the wedges! You look awesome!

  55. Gorgeous outfit! You look fantastic in black. My favorite shoes are the first pair. So chic!

  56. hey i love this post it's freaking awesome!
    i like shoes on right their bitching i like them!

    oh and ps i think i link a while back i have to go check =]

  57. i like the black strappy shoes better! <3
    love the belt!

  58. Definitely love the black strappy shoes. They look hot! cute belt too. x

  59. very nice. i really love your blog. just love fashion. i'm an instant follower. haha.

    feel free to visit mine... just starting my blog... thanks...

  60. you are soooo photogenic!!! I really love it!

  61. love the look! thanks so much for sharing. i'm totally inspired by this post! i've never bought anything XL to wear it long/drapey. will try that on my next purchase!

  62. the black outfits are killed me :Dd.,
    so terrific,.


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