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Meet Bejewelled Bespoke + GIVEAWAY

Always being on the lookout for bold, attention-grabbing jewelry, I've been pretty obsessed with Bejewelled Bespoke, an aptly chosen name for a boutique featuring jewelry that makes a statement without speaking a word. The bib necklaces from Bejewelled Bespoke not only fulfill the essential bejewelled, glitzy, and glamorous factor for my dress up ocassions but also work for casual tshirt days.


What is your name, and where are you from?
My name is Tricia, and I am from Sydney, Australia. However, I have a Malaysian heritage and just over 1.5 years ago, I took a leap of faith and moved to Hong Kong with my partner - which is a city I had previously never set foot in!


Tell me about Bejewelled Bespoke!
Bejewelled Bespoke is all about handmade statement jewelry that is bold and lavish, yet at the same time, timeless and elegant at affordable price points. I have a penchant for anything sparkly, attention grabbing and colourful which is where “Bejewelled” came from. “Bespoke” is because every piece is lovingly handmade and if I know the person I am creating it for, I tend to add a little something to a piece to suit them.

What began as a hobby creating jewellery for myself, slowly grew to designing and making jewellery for friends and as gifts. When I moved to Hong Kong, I found that random people were stopping me on the street or friends and acquaintances here were asking where I bought my jewellery from. My partner suggested that I start designing jewellery for sale so I begun with a catalogue which was forwarded on to friends and that was very successful. I then opened my Etsy store in March 2009 after only being a buyer on Etsy, and in a few months I was busier than ever juggling my corporate day job with my Etsy store! A year on, I have had the opportuntity to participate in craft shows, exhibitions, and fashion shows here in Hong Kong, as well as the opportunity to have my jewellery featured in magazines like Country Living and Jewelry Affaire – and I have to say that it is certainly a full time endeavor on top of what I do during the day.


Can you describe your creative process? Where do you find your materials? What are some of your inspirations?
My creative process is totally haphazard! Anything could inspire me – whether it is nature, colour, the raw materials themselves, my wardrobe or the need to look different from everyone else. My favourite jewellery designer is Miriam Haskell as I love how her pieces are incredible timeless, elegant and lavish – three factors which I try to incorporate into anything I design. And I adore Matthew Williamson’s brilliant use of colours in his creations. My apartment is littered with half finished pieces which I call “work in progress” – each has its own place on a large corkboard pinned along with all my sketches. I have another corkboard with finished pieces awaiting judgement or to be photographed. Even though I live in Hong Kong which has two suburbs bursting with craft, gemstone and fabric supplies, I also purchase my materials from Etsy, and have my metals manufactured and plated in Australia and the US. I have a particular soft spot for vintage Miriam Haskell stampings and pearls. With every new city or country I visit, I always try to find something new to add to my supplies – whether it is purchasing Thai silk in Bangkok or vintage handpainted cloisonné in China’s antique flea markets. The funniest moment I ever had when collecting supplies was stopping in the middle of a 30km adventure race (I had at this point been bruised and battered from running down a gorge, and falling off the side of a hill on a mountain bike) to pick up seaglass and shells which I spotted running along the beach. My team mate didn’t know what to say!


How long have you been designing? Do you have formal training?
I have been designing, drawing, painting, crafting and sewing ever since I could remember. I have designed and made everything from my own clothing, carpets, table linen, pottery, and of course jewellery. I was always the chronic “doodler” – I drew in the margins of my notebooks at school, included pencil drawing in my projects, doodled on the tables, and the habit has continued as an adult…at my corporate day job, I sometimes find myself sketching the design for a new necklace or earrings next to meeting notes. I never had formal training as a designer but instead graduated from university with a double degree in Finance, Accounting and Computer Science and then went on to become a qualified Chartered Accountant.


I’ve noticed that most of your necklaces are very bold, and could very easily be the most attention grabbing part of any outfit. What is the importance of accessories/necklaces in an outfit?
Jewellery and accessories should be an expression of a person’s individuality and I believe that by choosing the right jewellery/accessories, it could completely transform an outfit or look. A feminine and girly look versus a dramatic and glamorous look could be achieved using different jewellery and accessories but with the same dress. For example, accessorizing a classic wrap dress with a necklace from the Bejewelled Bespoke’s Lace Collection would create a feminine look. On the other hand, selecting earrings or a necklace from the Bejewelled Bespoke Luxe Collection to pair with the same dress would create a dramatic look. Moreover, I have even transformed a dress which I have worn many times into a completely new dress by adding a statement necklace like the “Night at the Oscars Necklace” which looks like it is could be part of the dress.


In terms of necklaces, is there such thing as too big or too small?
As long as the necklace or necklaces complement the outfit as well as suits the wearer’s personality and preferences, there really isn’t such thing as too big or too small. Just as long as what you choose to wear makes you comfortable and confident, it should not matter!


What kind of girl do you imagine wearing your pieces? How often do you wear your own designs?
The Bejewelled Bespoke girl/woman is one that is not afraid to express her individuality through accessories. She is modern and elegant, and is continually looking for ways to set herself and her outfit apart from the crowd. I wear my designs almost every day – whether it is a statement ring like “The Pure White Rose Ring” with my corporate day job attire or, something more attention grabbing like the “Girls’ Night Out Rosette Necklace” and the “Piece de Resistance Earrings” at parties, dinners and other social functions.

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