Thursday, 20 May 2010

Religious Jewelry

Two things that I hope are going to be big: Denim shirts and religious jewelry.

AlphaBetaChic, denim shirt, Nina Ramone cross necklace, paneled leggings


AlphaBetaChic, denim shirt, Nina Ramone cross necklace, paneled leggings

When I was shopping through the Nina Ramone shop, I knew I just had to have this cross necklace in all its layered and multi-cross glory. I have a strange fascination with religious jewelry btw...they seem to bring such protective power to the wearer.

The designer Dana was telling me more about the "For the Faithful" necklace that I'm wearing...Apparently there's a little superstition behind it.
"While ripping apart vintage jewelry to make other pieces, if they had any type of religious medallion, cross or part of a Rosary, I would save them. I thought if I would dispose of them in any way it could be bad luck. I was even very leery about taking apart a Rosary to use the parts I needed. Once I had quite a few, I decided to put them all together in one design, thus eliminating the bad luck from disassembly and bringing good luck to the wearer."
PhotoAlphaBetaChic, denim shirt, Nina Ramone cross necklace, paneled leggingsbucket

vintage denim shirt, old navy tube dress, cross necklace by Nina Ramone, forever 21 vest and brogues, paneled leggings by milk

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  1. LOVE the jewelry- so gorgeous. I also love your leggings!! Where can I find them?

  2. ahaha i love dana's view on the necklaces, in fact... that may be good to keep in mind for the future. maybe that's why i got that ticket!

  3. Those leggings are so amazing! They remind me of the ones Jenny Humphrey wore once on gossip girl.

  4. totally hawt! i love how the crosses have made a complete comeback. makes me think about when i was in middle school. i had cross everything! i should start wearing my rosary again...

  5. Wow, I couldn't find a single outfit that i didn't like, you really have a great style so im gonna follow you right now!
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  6. You really stand out in that pretty layered outfit. The contrasts are very well done and the jewelry enhances the look of your outfit - it's beautiful. The story behind it is interesting too.

  7. An absolutely fantastic outfit! Love how you combined the pale blue shirt with the navy vest and those cute tights, thumbs up! Oh, and the accessories are just outstanding!

  8. If you wear double denim, I'll put you on my blog!

  9. you have fabulous style girl - i love the leggings!


  10. omg so cute. I love your leggings!

  11. Hi girl!

    Loveeee your style <3

    xoxo* by Portugal


  12. I love your style! Lovely.

  13. I love your leggings!

    juliet xxx

  14. love all the denim! you look great:) x


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  17. I love your outfit.. perfect that stocking looks really sexy. Love it

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    How are you? I'm glad that I've visited this blog! She's lovely.

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  19. i love this outfit so much and i love your blog too :)
    so cute!

    veren .a little princess.

  20. I love the jewellery and the whole outfit looks great xxx

  21. Fab outfit!
    Love your tights and vest!


  22. Hello! This is the first time that I visit your blog and I see is very nice!!
    Good photos!!
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  23. Fab combo!


  24. Lady, I miss your face! Let's get together soon.

    Are you all in Vegas here? I love your look, esp. the amazing necklace! You and Stir should take more pics together.. too cute!

    xo, becs

  25. Definitely rooting for denim shirts, they're my weakness.

  26. Love this vest so much! You're so cute! <3


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