Thursday, 15 July 2010

The Crocker Room

Checked out the Downtown Los Angeles Art Walk, dropped by The Crocker Room for drinks, and snagged some tacos from one of the many food trucks lining Spring St. One of the lounge areas in the Crocker Room is like an old bank vault with a huge circular door that swings open whcih you can kind of tell in the pictures. The rest of the place is sectioned off into little rooms where couples can sit together, and you can even close each of the doors hahahahah.


Pretty obsessed with Ashlee Collection because of her intensely layered necklaces that are just chain-dripping. This collar necklace is just screaming my name too. I really like how a lot of the Ashlee Collection necklaces have so many different width chains interwoven into a rope-like necklace. I'm kind of over spikes but this Ashlee Collection necklace here just mixes it in perfectly without screaming trendster.

Ashlee Lee of Ashlee Collection was nice enough to let me interview her about her designs.

1) What is your name, and where are you from?
My name is Ashley Lee. I grew up in a small town called Lincoln, IL on a farm. I knew I wasn't quite the farm girl, so I moved to Indianpolis, IN and lived here ever since.

2) Tell me about Ashlee Collection! Tell us about how your son inspired you to start your Etsy store!
I started making jewelry a little over 2 years ago. I've always been a crafty person and the results give me this really good feeling. That might sound weird but true. I had a little boy a couple years ago and I wanted to get him a bracelet so I looked and looked but for some reason they just don't have bracelets for little boys. So I went to JoAnn Fabric and bought all kinds of little beads. I got home and made him like 10 bracelets! Ever since then I knew this is what I needed to be doing. So as my bead collection got enormous, I started making necklaces. After a while, I started to have a stack pile of necklaces, so I put them in my salon. Then I heard about Esty so I thought I'd give it a try.

3) Can you describe your creative process? What are some of your inspirations? You seem to have a lot of excitement from reading your bio, why do you love designing?
How I design all my pieces vary. I usaully have something in my mind so I start making it and they usaully turn out totally different by the time the finish product comes. Often I will get a new outfit and create a piece that will look really good with it! Being a hairdresser and a mom somethimes it's hard to find a lot of time, so now I'm up all hours of the night making my jewelry. I make sure I find time to do it. I'd say it relaxes me and takes my mind into a whole new place.

All of my pieces are one of a kind. If I love a piece that I have created then I might make one like it in different colors, or if someone request me to make one. I like to do a variety becuase everyone has different taste. Also I love the challenge of always trying to make a better looking piece than the last one. It sometimes takes me 10 hours to do one necklace just becuase I try to produce different pieces all the time, and I would say my pieces have a lot to them.

4) It looks like most of your pieces are one of a kind. Where do you find your materials (vintage markets, fabric stores, etc)? Do you use existing pieces, and add on? Or do you take apart vintage necklaces and make new jewelry from the individual pieces?
I get my materials from all over. I started at the craft store, but I really want pieces that have things on them so one wouldn't be able to go to a store and come home and make it. I also want my pieces to be a one of a kind piece. I have a grandma that was a diva in her day, so most of my vintage pieces comes from her. She literally has gave me a 2X2 feet tackle box full of vintage things. And as she cleans out her house she sends me more. So I would say I have a pretty good supply from her.

5) What kind of girl do you imagine wearing your pieces?
The kind of girl I see wearing my pieces would be an outgoing, bold kind of girl. Someone that likes to dress like she's on the runway all the time. A girl that doesn't mind being noticed! Every piece I make is something I would wear! (Actually I probably have worn every piece).

6) Do you see statement necklaces, such as your own, as special occasion or everyday jewelry?
Most all of my pieces can be worn day into night.

7) Your store caught my eye because I LOVE statement necklaces! Your pieces could easily be the centerpiece of any outfit, so how important do you think jewelry is in any outfit?
Most of my pieces are a center piece! When someone has one of my necklaces or bracelets on, people will notice it. I want people to be able to where them a lot, not just once in awhile. I would say my peices are more on the chunky side, they are pieces that shout, "hey look at me"! I think jewelry is a must on a daily basis. My opinion jewelry can make any outfit look amazing, if you have a stunning piece on.


I'm wearing a Victorian top from Charlotte Russe (for sale), multi-chain necklace by Ashlee Collection, skirt from Primark, dotted stockings from Nordstrom.


  1. you look stunning. love the colours you used and of course your necklace!

  2. you look great! i love your necklace!

  3. Great outfit! Love the necklace lots. I would love to buy some of your stuff but your far smaller than me :-( boo! lol! Your post will be up first thing tomorrow!

    Daisy Dayz Home

  4. sweet necklace! I wanted to get one like yours too but I didn't want to feel too trendy. Besides its so darn hot in Chicago I stopped wearing accessories..!

  5. that top is gorg! shall we follow? come follow me xoxo

  6. Those necklaces are absolutely gorgeous!
    I love the first Ashlee Collection one you posted the link to, beautiful!

  7. So gorgeous, I adore your style!!

  8. Stunning outfit!!!

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  10. love your outfit! great colours!

  11. I love this outfit, especially the completely compliments your top :)

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  12. Cute top! Love the necklace too!


    I love your necklace and top :D


  14. Amazing jewellery and a lovely outfit.

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