Tuesday, 22 September 2009

Trend Report & London Fashion Week

When I found these shoes online I was in the library and I totally gasped out loud!!! I mean obviously I couldn't start jumping up and down or anything, and I just couldn't help it, I really really wanted to just call and tell someone that I had found the shoes of my dreams from the past few months!!! Seriously, I would have taken ANY shoe that even resembled this, I even started checking Forever 21 religiously every single day in the hopes they'd put up a knockoff pair again! Anyways way way wayyyyyy happy!

preppy, blair waldorf style

preppy, blair waldorf style
As usual, I have my little neck tie to dress up the boring old button down.

preppy, blair waldorf style

I'm wearing a Banana Republic shirt, random bubble skirt, Hue flower patterned tights, and my lovely mary jane spats a la Prada Spring 2008.

ANDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD my blogging "big sister" from VitaMINNstyle was inspired by one of my outfits and wore this super cute schoolgirl outfit! I'm so honored! Best big sis evr!

preppy, blair waldorf style


Trend Report

All the designers are using copious amounts of sheer materials in their collections for Spring 2010, so much so that there are too many examples to even list!!! Mixing prints is becoming the norm and so is using lace! Here are the trends I like from the Spring 2010 collections in New York and London :)

Long White Dresses

chado ralph rucci, white dressaltuzarra, white dressyigal azrouel, white dress
Chado Ralph Rucci, Altuzarra, Yigal Azrouel

Huge Hair Bows

Milly, hair bowErin Fetherston, hair bowMarc By Marc Jacobs, m by mj, hair bowPhotobucket
Milly, Erin Fetherston, Marc by Marc Jacobs, Betsey Johnson

Strange Shoulders

Todd Lynn, sculpted shoulders, hornsTodd Lynn, hair shouldersAlexandre Herchcovitch, sculpted shoulders, bold shoulders
Todd Lynn, Todd Lynn, Alexandre Herchcovitch

Cutout Dresses

Julien Macdonald, cutout dress, sheer, sheer panel, body con, dress, black, lbdCushnie et Ochs, cutout dress, sheer, sheer panel, body con, dress, black, lbdAshish, cutout dress, sequin dress, black, body con, black, lbd
Julien Macdonald (with sheer panels), Cushnie et Ochs (with sheer panels), Ashish

Metallic Bottoms

Jenni Kayne, Metallic, sequinsJaeger London, sequins, metallic, pants, bottomspreen, metallic, silver pants
Jenni Kayne, Jaeger London, Preen

Cutout, Sheer, & Decorative Leggings

UniqueThreeasfourThreeasfourJulien MacdonaldCushnie et Ochs
Unique, Threeasfour, Threeasfour, Julien Macdonald, Cushnie et Ochs

Plastic Jackets

Charles AnastaseMatthew Ames
Charles Anastase, Matthew Ames

Sheer Panel Leotard

Danielle ScuttThreeasfour
Danielle Scutt, Threeasfour

Safety Pins & Body Chains

Vena Cava, safety pins, body harness, body chainVena Cava, safety pins
Vena Cava, Vena Cava

London Fashion Week

Runway Recap

LFW is living up to some high expectations!

Bora Aksu

Ultra innocent flower prints and feminine sheer materials mixed together with tough leather jackets, boots, and shredded and torn up dresses and stockings. It would be hard to pull off one extreme or the other, but when girly girl meets goth rebel in one outfit, I think it's totally wearable.


All the gold armour fit for a Joan of Arc. The gold collar bolero is my favorite, it looks like she's ready to go fight! Not to downplay the incredible designs, it reminds me of Givenchy Fall 2009 Couture.
qasimi, gold clothes


Loved the all white collection! Even though the designs were minimalistic and uniform in color throughout, I really appreciated the clean structure and geometry to it all. Osman's use of gold panels and blocks made the clothes look goddess like, but with a very urban, modern twist.

P.S. I want these shoes from Osman Spring 2010!!!
osman, osman spring 2010, wedge shoes, cutout shoes, futuristic shoes

Photos for Runway Recap and Trend Report from Style.com, FashionWeekDaily.com, & Refinery29


  1. Hi Patty Ann!!

    Thank you so much for mentioning me here mentioning you!!! Hopefully that made sense. And you posted my picture too!! Big hugz and super thank you!!

    I love the Yigal Azrouel little white dress! Very clean, simple and elegant!

    Congrats on finding the mary janes! You rocked your outfit here, as always!

    Grace, big sis!

  2. Hiii!

    Oh MY you look so adorable. Those Mary Janes could go with everything! I like how you paired it with that fun skirt.

    ♥ Christine
    What Was I Thinking?

  3. Love that long white maxi dress! Cute outfit too!

  4. where did you get those shoes?
    i've been looking for those black knock-off.
    i've the same shoes but mine is color tan.
    i love those shoes too!
    fabulous and cute outfit, my dear!


  5. Amazing post!!! I love all the pictures especially the ones of you!! You look amazing and I love your pumps!!


  6. You always look awesome in your schoolgirl-inspired outfits. Where did you get your shoes?

  7. Gorgeous outfit girl !! Adore your skirt with the blouse and those leggings too ! I love everything :)

    But those heels are DA BOMB man ! Beautiful killer heels you have. And do hope your leg got much better so you could walk in heels.
    Guessed it recovered all well <3

    Trend report ?! Just what I needed. Using this as a guide and ticking off my list of what I've got already and what to buy. heeee

    I need to make my own shouldered dress soon. And huge hair bows too.DIY them . Ohhhh and how's the Macy fashion show coming along ?

    Mailing out your package by this Saturday latest. heeee Sorry to keep delaying <3 <3

  8. Good eve! Taking a break from my studies to see you in another quirky school girl outfit! I've also been interested by these spats!

    You and Grace are so cute...and can totally pull of that look!

    Would like to own those shoes too! Great picks.

  9. Adorable shoes!

    And thanks for the trend report dear, I love every single one of em, can't wait till SS10! I'm totally lusting over everything sheer, everything flowy, and everything cut-out!


  10. Your shoes are indeed gorgeous :)

  11. Re:You mean there is another Winnie who's a blogger too ??
    The Winnie I know is local and she has a blogshop on all the chains thingy.
    Will be talking abit on her on my upcoming post <3

  12. Your shoes are freaking awesome! I love them!! and you did another schoolgirl look so perfectly:)

  13. coolest post ever I love it! xx

  14. Wow, what a great post. I love love love your shoes. They look fabulous on you. And doesn't Grace look so cute in her school girl outfit. It's cool that she was inspired by you! And thanks for sharing all the latest trends. It's hard keeping up with everything so it's good to relay on other fashion bloggers to keep you updated and inform. And London's fashion week looks amazing! Really enjoyed this post. Thanks again for the comment.


  15. Lovely pair of heels! u make me wanna go shoe-shopping ;)

    anyways it WAS relaxing!! just the way i pictured my dream morning - watching a romantic movie, hugging my fave plush toy and my loved 1 n then having brekkie in bed! it'd be more romantic if the brekkie was cooked by him~ i'm attracted to guys hu can cook! den i can just sit back n do nth but help him taste his food ;)

  16. NEW ARTICLE ON http://daily-Women.blogspot.com : Taylor Momsen, Glamourous or not? Let's see her on!

  17. Right now I can say that I can't wait for the next spring! Why it's so far away?:(?? Love, love your outfit! Classic ones are my favourite!


  18. hi patty ann! very cute outfit! did you get to watch the chanel movie that was made for TV? coco keeps wearing the same thing.. button down plus black rbow ribbon. very sophisticated!

    hope you are having a wonderful week!

  19. Oh those shoes are gorgeous!! And those tights are so cute, love the whole outfit its very cute! xo

  20. GREAT megapost dear. i love the skirt youre wearing and the stockings too.

  21. You look amazing! I enjoy looking at the pictures! Sheer long white dresses and cutout black pants are my favorites! xoxoxo

  22. aww you should've gone to the sephora thing! but it's k, i'll send you one of the vouchers for the makeup bags if you want (apparently i don't have a lot of blog readers from LA!).

    the bags we had were filled with the sandwiches & makeup bags, which had a few samples.

    i reeeeally wish i could help out at the fashion show! it sounds like a lot of fun, but i have a lot of work this week that i need to catch up on. :( :( :( do you always get to do these types of events?? if you ever need help in the future, just let me know because i would LOVE to help out! plus, it would be fun to meet another blogger! maybe we could organize a meet-up sometime anyway.


    p.s. i love this outfit! blair waldorf = <3!! i wore an outfit kind of like this (big bow, preppy shirt, tights + skirt) yesterday for my presentation, and when i saw this post, i was like "fashion twin!" haha.

  23. also, is that just a tie that you tied into a bow around your neck? or did it come with the shirt? i really like the way that looks!


  24. OMG, darling! This is like 10 fabulous posts in one! I really appreciate all the time you took to do your research and put together this insanely fantastic trend report! I especially love the cutout dresses!


  25. Thanks for all your comments. I love your look, the preppy look is one of my faves. I have yet to look at any of the collections from London. I really love NFW from what I've seen.

  26. thanks for dropping by ^^

    I love ur outfit especially the bubble skirt and shoes ^^

  27. gawd i luuuuuuuuurve metallic pants
    and oh sheeeeeeeet those mary-janes of yours are so sweet
    thanks for stopping by...i love finding new blogs to follow :)


  28. Thanks for stopping over at smalltownchic and for the lovely comment. I am in love with your shoes!


  29. Both of you have very cute otufits!
    Love that Betsey Johnson picture, so cute.

  30. Re:You should do a meetup with a blogger soon too Its really so so much fun and lots of phototaking involved :)

    Yes,Winnie's creation with chains is amazing ! I didn't get mine free. I send her what I wanted for the body harness and she made it for me and I bought it for a really reasonable price :))

    If there was really a blogger meetup,how I wished I could go toooo

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  32. <3 Girls nights out are awesome.
    <3 We should be totally girly YET terribly lethal.
    <3 Your shoes are MAD-HOT.
    <3 Your kind/lovely/encouraging comments on LoveLoveLove are very much appreciated!
    <3 And I totally admire your amazingly photogenic-ness and style :)

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  34. Your outfit is so adorable and you are so pretty in it!! I love school girl chic. So completely fabulous. :) And those shoes...I'm so happy you didn't give up looking for those. Perfect!

  35. Your shoes are stunning!!
    And I love the devilish Todd Lynn - shoulders! :)

  36. wow, thank you for your comment!
    yeah, that's me on every picture :D the first was taken in march, the second in april and in the end of may i got those highlights *g*
    in this article i just wrote about my different hair colours (:
    i dye my hair since i'm 12 and i think that's not really healthy. that's why i wanted to come back to my natural hair colour. unfortunately i hate this colour and so i'm going to dye my hair again . i decided to dye them dark brown (:
    so thanks again for you comment :)

  37. thanks for your opinion (: i'm going to get it done now. i love your outfit. the shoes are hot! i'm loving the first cut out dress, but i don't think i could pull it off! take care x

  38. Thanks for commenting on my blog. I did completely love the movie such costumes and a fantastic soundtrack. I just adore your outfit it looks stunning.

  39. Oh I can see why your in love with those shoes ... they are the Best! Love the pic's too.

    What a post, great effort, such a lot of fab choices.

    Thank you for your great comment at mine too :)

  40. i like ur header..
    love ur high boots =D
    you have a great fashion sense!

  41. Those shoes are amazing! I would've gasped outloud and done a little dance ;)) if I found them too!

  42. love your outfit at the top, awesome shoes!
    Great post too!

  43. The shoes are hawt, awesome trend report, it's bananas! yes the clothes used in the shoot were originally bright colors...like the fringe skirt was bright red....the sweater was grey and the dress bright orange!

  44. HI! thanks for stopping by my blog! and the comment is sweet :D you are such a cutie! lovesssss your outfit!!! the skirt especially! i love bubble hems and pockets!

  45. Okay, no, this is really just too much. I so need your shoes - I have never seen anything as gorgeous as them before in my life. I die! :)

    I'm in Menifee (you've never heard of it, and probably never will), which is near Temecula. Perhaps a meet up somewhere in Orange County would work?

    And no, I've never posted pictures of myself on Cafe Fashionista before. :)

  46. wow! I'm so envious with your shoes. I understand the "gasping" part. I would too. And i also love your shirt with that tie - my style too. :) congrats with the shoes.

  47. Oh you r outfits are just amazing! As is the marc by marc jabocs collection. Love. It!


  48. Those shoes look amazing and I absolutely love your skirt!! Those cut out dresses look stunning and yay for anything metallic lol. Hope you're having a beautiful day :)

  49. Your outfit is super well put together!!

  50. Love the white dresses - if i wore them they'd be black within seconds though!

    For all things fashion:

  51. oh i'm glad you found the shoes you wanted! they are amazing! i like how you spotted the trends and wrote about them. spot on! x

  52. I LOOOOVE your outfit. you inspired me. And your shoe sare so gorgeous!!!
    London fashion week is one of my favourites.


  53. WOW! YOU have such AMAZING STYLE!!!
    I can picture YOU in a Fashion Magazine, I'm sooo JEALOUS! I luv your GLAM FAB SENSE OF STYLE!
    Your soles are too die for and so is this post, it's solely one of my FAVES!!!:)

  54. wow A+++++ on that look .. the shoes are pretty awesome as well

  55. You look fabulous! Loving your tights and shoes!

  56. In response to your comment... You mentioned doing a post about Olivia Palermo's style. I actually did a while back. :)


  57. great roundup of the trends =)


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