Wednesday, 30 December 2009

Biker Chic(k)

Okayyyyyy I've been sooooooooo MIA totally been worked to the bone at work and tons of holiday events going on! I promise more pictures!!!

I sort of love this skirt, I just feel so annoyed with all my short skirts right now. I know I wear mini skirts all the time, and everyone knows I love them, I mean I have probably 100+ mini skirts but long skirts are just so refreshing and keep my legs warm when its cold brrrrrr. Don't you ever just go shopping and feel so sick that everything looks the same???

And since I'm wearing an Old Navy top, I just have to say how much I HATE those Old Navy tv commercials with the mannequins. I want to shoot the PR team when I see those commercials. Horrendous. Those commercials are so horrible I want to boycott Old Navy.

I'm wearing a leather jacket by BB Dakota, vintage skirt, black tube top from Old Navy, red bandana worn as a neck tie, and studded Promise shoes.

Thank you so much to my kind readers for stopping by!!!

Tuesday, 22 December 2009

Quick Update & some features!!!

So sorry for the lack of updates. Just got back from Vegas! Here's a quick post on what's been happening.

AlphaBetaChic is the Blog of the Week on Sweet California! Kaira was so, so sweet to let me be her feature this week and make some really pretty collage pictures. Sweet California has some of the best inspiration pictures!!!

Also Parmeeta from the San Francisco Fashion Examiner featured my style on her column. Thank you so much for interviewing me and writing such a nice article!!!

Go, go, go check them out!!! Thank you again!!!

Wednesday, 16 December 2009

Warm & Fuzzy

I love faux fur jackets, so fuzzy, need to start collecting!!! But they're so bulky that I rarely get around to wearing them. Fuzzy jacket, fuzzy picture!

These very awesome elbow length gloves are perfect for wearing with 3/4 length sleeve jackets. It's way too cold even all covered up to take pictures.

I was wearing the shades and thinking why am I wearing shades in the winter? Sunglasses are such a summer thing, I felt sort of like an oxymoron, like the uggs+mini skirt combo, like I'm wearing a faux fur jacket but I think it's too sunny!!! Really? There isn't enough sun that it's blinding. Anyways, real reason was I didn't feel like re-doing my makeup for these pictures when I got home.

The bag is actually a makeup bag that I decided would make a more awesome purse.

I'm wearing a dress from H&M, faux fur jacket from Forever 21, random flower lace leggings, faux leather gloves from Nordstrom, and makeup bag from Primark.

My very boring life...feel free to skip this paragraph...So L was in town last night, and we met up at Starbucks for a catch up sesh. Do you ever have these update-me-on-your-life chats and you just start talking really loudly just cuz you both are just so into it? Well anyways my friends and I always sort of take over the restaurant/cafe/respectable venue for our talks about life, etc and everyone starts glaring at us and we give the waiter a huge tip for being so nice about not kicking us out. Well last night was one of those. Anyways, you all have to try the Caramel Brulee Latte at Starbucks.

Also Christmas is the season for giving, and I wanted to remind all you lovely readers to enter a few of my favorite Christmas giveaways.
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Saturday, 12 December 2009

Christmas Party

What I wore to a little Christmas party with my girls. Anyways we took so many pictures for our "holiday card" and me being the hugeeee fan of color coordination made red and black attire the dress code for our Christmas shindig.

AlphaBetaChic, Patty Ann

The best present is me!!! Jk jk well this bow makes me feel like a Xmas present!

AlphaBetaChic, Patty Ann

Anyways check out our "holiday card" with our "family portrait"! Don't we look so festive in our coordinated red and black outfits in front of the tree? We were going to use a stuffed toy as our "pet dog" but no one had a cuddly stuffed dog.

I know some girls hate wearing the same colors/clothes as their friends (*cough* friend in yellow that I banished behind the tree *cough*), but I'm so obsessed with it. It's so much fun when everyone knows you guys are all together and color coordination makes for really nice two-toned pictures. Ok well this picture isn't a good example of what I was saying.

And I love tagging objects as people on facebook. This picture is perfect. We drew those little figures on our cups!

I'm wearing a top from Forever 21, skirt from Primark, belt from Calvin Klein, pumps by Calvin Klein, and waist sash used as an oversized bow.

Wednesday, 9 December 2009

A Walk in the Rain

Does anyone know how to make a gif? I really want to make a gif of these pictures. I sort of look like I'm walking down the path!

Anyways I was wearing this very short skirt and decided that it wasn't supposed to be a "leggy" outfit so I grabbed some knee high socks.

Andddd totally got these shoes from $2 from Charlotte Russe hahahaha all these summer sandals are on mega sale.

Yes, I'm wearing socks and sandals and I love it. Why do people bash it so? I feel like it probably gets a bad name because ppl try to wear sheer socks/stockings with sandals but pretend that they're not actually wearing stockings and you can still totally see their feet. When you're wearing socks, you should mean look like you're wearing socks.

I mean wearing these huge wedges keeps you out of the puddles anyways and its way to cold to be barefoot.

[[UPDATE 7:54pm]] OMGGGG Michelle of Glisters and Blisters made me a GIF yayyyyy go check out her blog!!! Thankssss <3

I'm wearing jacket by City via Neiman Marcus, a slip worn as a top, random skirt, stockings/knee highs from Nine West, wedges from Charlotte Russe, belt from Primark, and necklace from Primark.

P.S. Brown belts are a closet staple! I need to replace this one, it's crumbling!
P.S.S. Sorry I haven't visited your blogs, so busy! I'm getting my first apartment!!! I will shower you lovelies with comments today/this week!!!

Saturday, 5 December 2009

Army in the Snow

I was featured on Forever 21's blog The Skinny!!! Omggg I'm like freaking out (in a good way)!!! Check out the feature of me HERE!

Okayyyy so anyways I'm in Seattle right now where it's very, very cold. We're staying at our house by the lake where we use a fire stove hahaha and I have to make a little fire and chop trees for wood logs to burn. City girl transplant in ruralness...hahah


I love this geometric maxi dress.


It has these loopholes that let you adjust the length.


And my really awesome snow boots with pirates!!! They're actually for kids. I really like pinecones.


I'm wearing a dress from Jaloux (local boutique), leather jacket by BB Dakota, black knee highs, and snow boots from Big 5 Sporting Goods.

Monday, 30 November 2009

Slash Tights

Okkkk so I finally succumbed to the slashed tights trend, and made some myself. I love them, they're so goth and ferosshh, but they seriously are not very slimming. Haha


You can't really see the little safety pins, but I added a row of safety pins to the sides of my skirt. Anyways, I walked thru the mud because I didn't feel like walking all the way around the yard, and now my over the knee boots are so dirty blahhh.


The hardest thing about over the knee boots is trying not to look like I'm going to a club. I try to pair it with something sleeved and some tights/stockings/pants.

I'm wearing an old shirt that was part of my school uniform, random black pencil skirt with safety pins (not too clear in the picture though), my DIY slashed tights, Steve Madden over the knee boots, Abercrombie braided belt, and Forever 21 chain/charm necklace.

Friday, 27 November 2009

Playground Full of Leaves

Happy Thanksgiving!!!


It's always tricky deciding what to wear for family dinners. I like to pick something that has a longer hemline, covers the shoulder, and doesn't require wearing a jacket throughout dinner.


Vintage usually fits all the requirements, so just add in some hair acessories, like a feather headband, and you're ready for family dinner!


Anyways there was a huge pile of leaves outside my dorm. Don't you just love the crinkling sounds when you step on crunchy leaves? I'm in this facebook group called "I go out of my way to step on that extra crunchy looking leaf".


So much gratification when you step on a really crispy leaf. Silly I know!




I'm wearing a vintage dress, belt from Primark, and gladiators from Forever21.

Tuesday, 24 November 2009

Bunny Bow & DIY Staple Pumps

I feel like a bunny in this headband! I like fainted when I saw this big bow headband on the Forever 21 website!

I'm actually wearing two skirts. A little trick--when your skirt is too short, layer two skirts for length and added texture to your outfit. The longer lace skirt underneath is one of my DIY tutus. If you have no sewing skills, like me, skirts are probably the easiest thing to make. Yeah, funny expression in the next picture.

What do you think of the shoes??? There's been this huge craze around metal details--studs, spikes, zippers--which Marc Jacobs thinks is so passe. I happened to be reading The Skinny who blogged about using staples as embellishments so I decided to break out my black Enzo pumps and make them my first victim.

Closeup of my DIY shoes!

The really neat and ordered staples on these DIY shoes remind me of the studded Pigalle pumps by Christian Louboutin.

[[Update 12/02/09]] I've lined the inside with pieces of suede so they don't scratch and they're totally wearable!

I'm wearing Forever 21 sheer top, random tank underneath, Forever 21 black skirt, DIY lace skirt underneath, DIY stapled shoes, Nordstrom leather biker glove, and Forever 21 bow headband.

Friday, 20 November 2009

Rock Fashion Week

The second night of Rock Fashion Week featured Tristan+Trista, Boy Meets Girl, the Pink Dress Collection, and Biatta Intimates.

I met the very, very sweet and talented designer behind Tristan+Trista. Not only are her amazing outfits beautiful and very well crafted, each design has a story. More on Tristan+Trista in a later post!

Boy Meets Girl featured contemporary wears like denim, shirts, light jackets, and patterned stockings. There was edge to the collection but definitely still a very wearable.

The Pink Dress Collection featured the works of many designers. The fashion show was hosted to benefit the Susan G Komen foundation's efforts to cure breast cancer. Cool thing was a whole bunch of the models weren't stick thin!

I didn't really take pictures of the Biatta Intimates collection cuz it felt so awkward taking pictures of girls in skimpy lingerie. You should have seen all the guys, ugh, taking pictures the whole time. Butttt they did give away awesome gift bags with lingerie!!!

And what I wore for Rock Fashion Week...

The sheer dress is vintage with a lace applique on top and lace panels around the bottom of the skirt. I bought the jacket in Japan from Sly. It was called the Napoleon haha because of the military buttons, gold edging, and high collar.

With my friend Alicia! Detail of the skirt below.

And Sierra!

Anyways, when I have events like Rock Fashion Week, I try to put together outfits by mixing my favorite vintage items with modern pieces. I don't want to look like I came out of another time period, but I don't want to look like everyone else so I'll add something really "trendy" like this military jacket over a conservative dress like this one.

And now going to say hi to all of you on your blogs!

Sunday, 15 November 2009

GenArt Fresh Faces

---Recap of the GenArt Fresh Faces fashion show in Los Angeles from a couple weeks back! ---

Gen Art's Fresh Faces in Fashion event on October 29 was the opening night of Rock Fashion Week in Los Angeles. White tents at the Petersen Automotive Museum played venue host to the Spring 2010 runway collections of Leyendecker, Seneca Rising, MG Black Label menswear, Valerj Pobega, and Rory Beca.

For the event I ditched my recent shopping buys and pulled out my favorite vintage pieces. I'm wearing a vintage embroidered vest by Sue Wong, vintage lace skirt worn as a dress, fur collared zip-up hoodie by DKNY, feather hair piece from Japan, and black pumps by Enzo Angiolini.

First in the lineup was Leyendecker. I loved the leggings in the third picture. DIY??

Closing walk of Leyendecker.

The Seneca Rising collection was simple casualwear. My favorite part was the socks plus sandals though I don't think these strappy sandals go with the light and airy rompers and jumpsuits.

MG Black Label is one of the few menswear collections I've seen recently. If you ever wanted to see how the leggings plus shorts combo translated for men, just check below! It works in the third picture where the shorts meet the knee, but not so much in the second picture where the shorts hit mid thigh. I thought the mullet hair in the first picture was awesome.

Valerj Pobega was the most avant garde of the group like punk/goth meets medical supplies experiment. The colleciton, which featured deconstructed dresses in sheers and charmeuse, kimono sleeves, and long ropes dangling naughtily, left me with an eery feeling. To top off with accessories, all the models were fitted with jaw retainers made from ropes and dark eyes.

Closing the night was Rory Beca. Definitely something I could imagine myself wearing with it's mix of indie casual and sweet cocktail chic pieces. The running theme of the collection was the red soled Louboutins!

Also, snapped a few of the best dressed attendees. Here's Chelsea's outfit. All vintage and inspired by Japanese lolita fashion. A very structured wired skirt, splattered patterned stockings, square box purse, and little hat from Japan!

Carmel, left, was wearing a beaded military style jacket by Chanel and studded Louboutins. Kendra, right, is wearing Luella.