Friday, 4 September 2009

Today's Outfit & Forever 21 Deals

It's the beginning of a three day weekend! Excited to eat a lot this weekend! After fashion and ballet, I LOVE eating. Not cooking, just consuming. I am an eating machine. True story.

Being the huge fan of Forever 21 that I am, I feel obligated to tell you all about some fab deals:
  • Free shipping on orders over $75. You probably already knew that!

  • Free shipping on orders over $40 when you buy a select labor day sale item.

  • Use the code CHIC21 to get 10% off on orders over $70.

  • Get 10% off purchases over $40 in stores when you mention the "Back to School" sale to the cashier!!!




  • This jacket has been in my closet for the longest time but i rarely wear it because it's so hard to find anything that matches. It has touches of red, gray, and blue, but i don't like it with a red skirt, and not with blue jeans because of the blue denim colors clash on the front.

  • If it wasn’t because white jeans get dirty so easily I would have to say that I think white jeans are an even more important staple in your closet than blue jeans! White pants make any outfit look more interesting. Everyone wears blue jeans so if you wear white ==> instantly different! Haha anyways since white goes with everything I paired it with this hard-to-pair-with jacket.

  • These shoes are actually really comfortable probably because they wrap around your arch almost like booties and give more support than regular heels/pumps.

I'm wearing a jacket from a local boutique, skinny jeans from Primark, and peep toe shoes from Forever 21.

patty ann


  1. Really cute jacket and heels! I have a pair of white skinnies. I love them - they're so handy, aren't they? I don't know why, but I always seem to wear them as the weather cools down.. They definitely brighten up an outfit!

    Awww, thanks so much for stopping by!

  2. great outfit!

    oh god, i love forever 21. i used to hate it for some reason, but then i realized that they have tons of cute stuff that's super cheap too! i can't go in a forever 21 without leaving with a few things hehe.

    thanks for sharing the coupons/deals!!


  3. i love white pants! i have white jeans but they're too tight on me now! :( you look great! love those shoes xxx

  4. wow your shoes are really cute ! :D

    you look so fashionablee! omg i lovee youu :D:D im so happy i knoww you
    that comment you left me was so sweet i was so happy reading it!
    white jeans are so hot, i agree i want a pair but i cant find any which fitss :(

  6. Loving those white jeans and heels !!
    I could never wear white jeans,afraid of getting them dirty ! As I could be quite clumsy at times:)

    I love F21 things too ! Esp. their accessories . Thanks for sharing ! But sad it does not apply for international orders :(

  7. That's a cool ensemble... I love Forever 21 too. I never fail to visit the stores every time I'm in the US.

  8. Wow...I never thought about white jeans that way! You look sooo chic! Those shoes are to die for!

  9. I love white but somehow haven't managed to find the perfect white jeans!! I need yours, and while we're at it, I need your shoes too:)

  10. I adore white skinnies. I bought a pair for $5 at Wet Seal not too long ago, and I practically live in them. Yours are gorgeous! :)

  11. Love this look, darling! The f21 shoes are a fabulous find!

    And YES I did have the red dress on my wishlist... I decided to go for it because of the strong Balmain-esque shoulders... It is going to be so fun to wear out for cocktails this fall with some fab booties like yours!


  12. I love shoes that give you extra support. These are really beautiful too. :)

  13. Those jeans... yeah! I like it, although that I'm not a big fan of white jeans... Primark... mmmm! Next week there's a Primark opening in front of my hoyse, OMG!!

    I'm not finally cutting my hair, yesterday I realized that I've pass the "crisis time" and now is longer... and I can do other things with it :D!!!

    Have a nice weekend, sweetheart!

  14. lovely outfit!!!super cute jean and the shoes..perfect!!!

  15. Awwwww you're so sweet!
    Thank you for your comments!
    Dressing up is the best.

  16. hey Patty ann cute jacket honey, like the white jeans too!
    Nat does have a blog, do check my interview post with her and at the end is her blog link and her twitter link.

  17. ooh I like those shoes. I need to get some nude/neutral shoes

  18. love their pieces but unfortunately for my they don't ship to romania...
    great outfit,the shoes are awesome!

  19. Greetings from Norway :D

    Love your pants! :)

  20. I like F21 too and went to one when I visited NY but I wasn't too sad to leave it because my fave is Topshop!

    I like that jacket, the grey and red detail is quite lovely!

  21. Great jacket. I like how you styled it!

  22. I don't have white pants for the get dirty thing. maybe I'll buy a pair. I love your shoes, they look so great.

    PS: I just put your blog on my favourites, thanks for put my blog on your hotties


  23. White jeans or pants are by far more interesting than the common!!!Great outfit....!!!xx

  24. I love this look! It reminds me of a Gucci Resort collection from a few years back. It's so nice to see how new and updated you made it look. The booties are just to die for. Absolutely love your style.

  25. Great outfit! The jacket looks really good with white jeans. Too bad its hard to match with since its really cute!!

  26. patty my babyyy.
    thanks for that lovely commentt :D
    it made me feel reeeeaall happy.
    i love it how you care about meee
    and for what its worth i care about you too!
    keep blogging, and stay beautiful pat pat :D LOL

  27. jeeez thanx for the info!
    gotta get to forever21:]

  28. Beautiful coat! I love your photos and your posts!! I agree with Julia, matching matchness!:P

    p.s I'll be following your blog!

  29. White jeans are statement jeans!
    And i love forever 21. It has to be my favourite US store of all time, and im gutted that i cant get my hands on any of their stuff because im from the UK! Boo.


  30. I love those shoes! Glad to hear they are actually comfortable as well!! Gorgeous heels that hurt always cause problems..xo

  31. wow, your shoes are cool

  32. Chic shoes! And you put everything together well! I would hate it with a red skirt too ;)


  33. you have an awesome sense of style

    random fact about me: i used to be a serious ballet dancer and i miss it so much!

    and thank you for visiting my newbie blog!

  34. You're so right about white jeans, they instantly give an outfit more of a pop than blue jeans ever could. Love this look!


  35. awesome how you mentioned to us those great discounts!

    xoxo anna


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