Wednesday, 16 September 2009

MACY'S Passport Fashion Show - Los Angeles

Friend's birthday dinner tonight. Way excited.
stripe top, doll

The perfect pouffy skirt. Of course it had to be by Betsey Johnson. I love all things Betsey. Anything ultra girly and frivolous are pleasing to my eye.

Of course big bows. The more outrageous the bow, the better!

And aren't kiddie heart shaped sunglasses so much fun?

I'm wearing a black and white stripe top from Windsor, a black skirt by Betsey Johnson, shoes from River Island, random red sash, vintage black purse, heart sunglasses.


I'm really, really excited to tell you guys about a little project I'm involved with!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I am helping to recruit a team of interns to help organize the
Macy's Passport Fashion Show
I'm looking for people to assemble a few hundred GIFT BAGS, setup, chairs, and escort guests to their seats WED-FRI next week.

I helped out last year, and I got to watch the runway show which was incredibly breathtaking and totally adrenaline pumping!!! I saw collections by Calvin Klein, Hugo Boss, and Harajuku Lovers, to name a few.

This year we are going to need more volunteers for this fabulous event!! This is a charity fundraising extravaganza to benefit HIV/AIDS awareness and organizations.
Who: YOU (please email me to sign up)
When: anytime WED-FRI that you can come in
but in particular need help the NIGHT OF the benefit gala (Thurs) and FASHION SHOW (Fri)
Why: because it's sooooo sooooo much fun and free goodies & hors d'oeuvres

Wasn't this video amazing? Now imagine it 100x better! The experience of being there in person and feeling the energy of the models is beyond words.

Soooo please email me at to sign up! Let me know your availability next week, your tshirt size, and a good way to contact you whether it's by phone or email to send you instant updates. Email me with questions!


  1. Oh dear, you look too adorable!!
    There are so many things I love about this outfit, the poufy skirt, the big bow, the fishnet tights!! All of it:) I love everything ultra girlie too, oh and yes, the bigger the bow the better it is!!

    And so exciting to be organizing a fashion show, you amazed me girl!!

  2. One word I have to saw about this outfit:Perfection !

    I'm speechless becuase you really looked amazing here :)I WANT the skirt so so badly and because I too love Betsey Johnson <3

    The top was a great match with the skirt and bit big colorful bows are my weakness .

    Ohhhhh,I would want to help out in the Macy's passport fashion show !!!! So so awesome that you're a part of it <3
    And you get to see fashion shows.
    But I mean,I won't be able to go since I'm so far away :(

  3. Oh sweetheart! I want your outfit! It's utterly stunning, you're such a beautiful fashionista! And I big heart your blog, you've got awesome style xoxo

  4. PHOARRR and those SHOES!?!?! *swoons* :P


  6. Love the outfit!! The skirt is too adorable :)
    Emailed you about the passport show!

    Thanks patty!

  7. looks very nice! but where do you wear this? is it an everyday-outfit? i mean, i live in a very, very small town and if i'd go out with those clothes, EVERYBODY would stare at me and talk about me :D (where i live, nearly everyone knows eachother *g*)
    i've been in L.A this summer and i guess, it's different there?! :D

  8. OMGGGG!! *dies*!!!!
    YOU LOOK PERFECTLY CUTEEEEEEEE!! I love it, this coordination is simpli GREAT!!

    Yaw *dies again*

  9. Omg, i forgot with the emotion of the moment to answer your question at my blog X_DDDDD

    I normally buy some lolita's outfits at baby, the Stars Shine bright (I love their Alice and the pirates line) and Metamorphose; I love Putumayo too but they don't sell overboard u____u

    Try Annahouse fassion too, it's not so expensive and they've got cute things!!

  10. wow, i love your quirky style!

  11. I love this outfit. The red bow is spectacular!

  12. Love it, you look very cute! I like the stripey shirt and the big red bow!

  13. You are so cute. You look like an image model for Betsey Johnson.

  14. Hello you! I saw your blog On Monday for the first time and I had no idea you were from Chictopia! Its me Jasna : )
    I was wondering what happened to you.... well I have also started a blog called fashionjazz and I have linked you under the CHic Ones! I will also add you to my bloglovin : )


  15. I am in love with that adorable poofy skirt and lovely red bow!

  16. AHH your outfit is just so CUTE! You look like a doll, can't go wrong with Betsey Johnson!!

    <3 Christine
    What Was I Thinking?

  17. This is so nice!
    Are you a dancer?
    I love your moves so much!!!
    Thanks a million for being around!

    Many kisses and hugs and see you!

  18. Omg! Your outfit.... I love it.

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  20. Oh my goodness, how cute is this outfit? Hah.

    And yes, the dresses were all bought for second hand prices but had never been worn!


  21. Gorgeous Betsey Johnson skirt. Your entire outfit is ADORABLE!! :)

  22. You look adorable! I love that striped top!

  23. Your so right! There is something so intriguing about Betsey Johnson! Adore the outfit! Both items are yummy on the eyes! I wonder how the top would look with satin wide-legged black pants... Keep on blogging!!

  24. Yes indeed you are a Betsey Johnson girl! Great show skirt...and I TRULY wish I were in LA coz I'd volunteer right now and keep you company at the event.

  25. this sounds so exciting .. if i lived in the area and had free time i would be into doing it.. love betsey johnson as well /

  26. I LOVE this look, twee perfection!

  27. oh i wish i lived in LA!
    that video just made me jealous, jealous, jealous!
    i love the way you dress
    this outfit reminds me of those classic movies like 'my fair lady' i love the way the upper society dresses back then, it was so classy
    btw may we exchange links since your blog is just too awesome

    love L&C

  28. Your outfit is gorgeous! I'm in love with the skirt and the glasses.

  29. You just gave me an idea, lil sis!! I'm stealing this look for a party this weekend!

    Love the fishnet stocking and the poufy skirt! And those sunglasses are so much fun! =)

  30. this outfit is amazing!!! so gorgeous. i love it

  31. oh my god so adorable! love the color scheme! i can never find the perfect style of fishnets, and i think these are perfect. i wish i could afford betsey johnson. she's so fabulous.

  32. Omg this is my favourite outfit from you! Though your other ones were great too of course! And wow thats sooo exciting u get to be part of that! xx

  33. Re:Ohhhhh,I realized i forgot to put where I got my gold buckle belt. It was from Mango few years back. Bought it with a shopping voucher.
    One of my fave belts that I have.

    Great idea to wear both necklaces together :)Ohhhh and I always love my pants rolled up :)

    Got my glasses at my mom's friend shop. Ohhhh,no its not a must to wear contacts all the time.
    But as for the job I'm doing and being at the front desk,it would be more presentable I wear contacts.
    Also,my glasses are oversized that I think adults won't like that its not presentable.
    I wear whatever I want to work ! No one would ever get to say what I wear. heeeee

    Its the first time for my friend and I. She's never gone overseas for studies before,so this is the 1st time ! Ahhhhh,I hope I don't cry later.

    Yup,I've been planning on a tattoo for very long.And I love body art :) Going to get it done end of this year <3

  34. oh of course,
    i can never keep my eyes off of betsey johnson.
    the look is most definitely always adorable.

  35. Love the look! The sunglasses are so cute!

  36. i love the soo girly-look!
    awesome outfit indeed!

  37. So cute! Don't you love how true Betsy stays to her aesthetic?

  38. Do you know that you are now on my inspiration board? This ensemble was too fabulous to ignore. I so need those tights and that skirt. And I wouldn't mind if you threw in the blouse, bow tie, shoes, and sunnies for good measure! :)

    If I were closer to Los Angeles, I would totally want to be an intern for the Macy's Passport Show - I'm in Southern California, but not close enough! :(

  39. I wish I looked good in pussybow type things, but I just look silly - they suit you!

  40. Looove the skirt and that big red bow is amazing!! Hope you're having a fantastic day :)

  41. you look like a doll! i love betsy! <3 C

  42. This outfit is just amazing, I love it all the stripped shirt, the skirt, the sunglasses and especially that bow. Amazing! I have left you an award on my blog because I just adore your outfits!
    Hope you find plenty of volunteers and have a brilliant day! xo

  43. aw i love your poofy skirt! <3 betsey johnson has some pretty awesome stuff! <3

    oh btw, the forever21 package had my rabbit print tank in it :) i got the gift-card electronically so i didn't get a package for that... :) it would have been cute if it did huh! :P

  44. aw, i wish i could help out! LOVE the outfit, btw! great color combination, and i adore the fishnets! =)

  45. Beautiful outfit! I adore puffy skirts!! I wish I could be one of your interns! That would be a dream :-) xxoxoxoxo

  46. Adorable outfit!!! Love your skirt and I also love Betsey Johnson!!
    Thanks for the super sweet comment on my blog, I really appreciate it!
    About your question, I studied at FIDM in Los Angeles, if you have any question about the school or anything, I'm happy to help you, just email me at:
    Have a lovely weekend!

  47. hey girl!! i love betsey. so fabulous. you look like a star.

    i added you onto my blogroll too! ;)

  48. Hey. this is my first visit to your blog. I love your outfit! your skirt especially, and your glasses are so cute. Im off to browse the rest of your blog :)


  49. i love this outfit. you look so cute. i love your blog girl, can we exchange links? i'm adding you to my blogroll, hope you can link me back. thanks :)

  50. such a fun outfit esp. digging those fishnets! kudos to you for being a part of those 2 events!! hope you are having a great weekend!

    x ws x

  51. i love love LOVE your outfit!
    it is just so lovely & dressy-uppy & i totally agree, the bigger the bow the better.


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