Friday, 21 August 2009

Glam Rock

Over the knee boots: Found. Finally.

This is the story of how I found these coveted boots a few months ago. I'd been on the lookout for a pair of boots that go beyond the knee, not just by an inch or two, but some really thigh high boots. I've had the most embarassing shoe try on experiences along the way! When I'd find an over-the-knee-pair, I'd get so excited until the zipper wouldn't go all the way up!!! I was getting convinced that I'd never find that worked for people with leg muscles until I walked into a Steve Madden store one day. I gave the shoes a chance before assuming they wouldn't zip up all the way. And voila! This is the first time they have come out to play since the weather's been so warm!

Seriously goth, and anything with a rock 'n roll vibe, is so major in Japan, especially for the dudes. I'm talking Hot Topic to the extreme. Skulls, check. Pirate, check. Vampire, check. Cut-outs, slashed, check check. Studs, zippers, and safety pins sprinkled all over clothes. Black and white, everything. Serious hardware, from necklaces to pocket accessories, and all the arm candy you can pile on. I literally can't wait until the weather is cooler and I can wear my newly purchased black garb from Japan, all the time.

I'm wearing leather jacket by BB Dakota, crossover tank by American Rag, pinstripe skirt from Rampage, studded belt from Target, plastic geometric necklace bought in England, gold earrings from Forever 21, and my most prized possession: Steve Madden over the knee boots.


  1. WOW!!!! You look amazing!!!! I love the outfit and the boots are FABULOUS!!!!

  2. You're wearing everything I love!! That leather jacket is so rad!! I must check out my local Hot Topic after reading your post! xxoxoxoxo

  3. LOVE this look. well done. :)


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