Monday, 31 August 2009

Prepsta Blue

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Now onto an outfit posttttt, featuring one of my many, many brown belts. I tend to collect brown belts, and also white skirts/dresses too. Half my closet is white. No lie, I'll show you when I do a closet tour.



I'm not too sure how this dress shirt came to be in my closet, but apparently it's for boys. I was pretty excited about the cuff links on the sleeves though.


I'm wearing a dress shirt by Ralph Lauren, skirt by Jones New York, braided belt from Primark, bag from Primark, and shoes from B.P.


The lovely Valencia of
tagged me. Soooo, if you want to know a little more about me, keep reading. Here are 10 honest things about me, relatively fashion related:

  1. I had a phase when I only wore pink.

  2. I was 16 when I bought my first pair of jeans. I only bought them because my mom said I needed to.

  3. I wear high heels in my room just for fun, even when I'm in my PJs. Huge sweatshirt, baggy sweats, and killer heels.

  4. I have over 100 pairs of shoes.

  5. I'm trained in classical ballet, and seriously considered becoming a professional ballerina before going to college. Makes me feel pretty baller,

  6. I only dance on elevated surfaces. Join this facebook group if you feel likewise.

  7. When I was little I wanted to own Converse in every color, Addidas stripes in every color, and Puma's in every color.

  8. I'm obsessed with anything preppy. I live by the Prepsta Guide, and I love going to Tea Partays (you have to watch this

  9. I'm obsessed with color coordinating my outfits with my friends.

  10. In high school I started a business selling handbags I designed. All proceeds were donated to cancer research.


  1. Love your outfit!!
    Thanks for the comments!! Love your blog! I'm a follower!!

  2. Beautiful outfit !! I have a similar skirt like yours in light purple :) Will wear it soon and blog !

    And that shirt looks great on you,even if it's a men's shirt !

    Ohhh do a video on your closet tour ! Please dooo <3

    Ohhhh my !! 100 pairs of shoes ?! Where do you keep all of them ?

  3. Oh you look so pretty here! I love pleated skirts, they're a weakness of mine:) And I like how you paired it with a men's shirt.

    100 pairs of shoes! You gotta do a post on them, SERIOUSLY!!

  4. ooo this is soo nice. i love this outfit. that skirt and belt and shirt combo is wonderful.

  5. This post was fun to read! I can't believe you have over 100 pairs of shoes!! Mine probably doesn't even exceed 10! lol


  6. haha thanks hun !loll
    lenka is too cute !lol
    yeah i wish i wont fail my project
    lets trade url

    yaaaayyyyyyyyyy :D
    i love ralph lauren like ice on cake god yumm.
    it;s so nice to see you all feminine and everything - rreeally cute
    it works for you!

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  9. thankyou so much for the comment (: i haven't worn them for more than 10 minutes yet. haha. but they're pretty soft under my foot, so i'm hoping they're comfortable. if not, oh well, they're hot!

    i love your bag. love your blog too. i'm following it now (: x

  10. have we swapped links yet? im adding you now :) x

  11. lovely bag..
    xx cody

  12. I didn't buy my first pair of jeans until I was 16 either. I actually regretted it afterwards - I felt that I wasn't being so creative with the rest of my clothes any more because I could always just go for jeans + t-shirt.

  13. Hey Gorgeous, thanks for your lovely comment. I adore this shirt of yours, i have been thinking about all things preppy recently. Even cooler that its a guys shirt. I love wearing white too but its so hard to keep it clean!! Just bought a white shirt and still trying to figure out how to wear it...i have alot of black. any ideas? Oh! and ballet is soooo beautiful!

  14. I looooove pleated skirts!! We should get matching tennis skirts & play together:

  15. I love your top! It's fantastic :)

  16. I love this outfit, its very cute. I love pleated skirts and it looks so gorgeous with your blue shirt. The 10 facts were so lovely to read as well, i also like wearing heels in my house.
    Thanks so much for stopping by my blog and your lovely comments!!xo

  17. are a very interesting person! I totally know what you mean...frumpy sweats + killer heels!!! I do that all the time! I also still want Converse in every color!

    I absolutely love your bag in those's great. So is the skirt!

  18. Can we see your shoe closet? ;)

    Cute outfit!

  19. Coucou, what a cut blog <3 <3 <3 thanks so much for your nice comment !!!!

    Great outfit... so chic and summery - love it!

  20. This is such a pretty look. I love the white skirt with that shirt. So crisp and clear!

  21. There are very few people who can rock the long vintage skirt look (especially white), but I can safely say you look amazing my dear!

    Much love x

  22. Hi there! Lovely blue and white outfit! I envy people who can do white so well...just started wearing white actually.

    Let's exchange links! I'll add you now.

    Have a nice day!

  23. You look very stylish!! I love the pleated white skirt! It's so cool to find out things about you! lol...that tea party video is one of my favorites on youtube! Hilarious! xxoxoxo

  24. wow
    you're really interesting
    100 PAIRS OF SHOES!?!?
    and i thought i had a lot haha :)
    and you only got a pair of jeans when you were 16?
    how does that work? like what did you wear for the past other 15 years of your life, sorry just curious

  25. Really like this outfit - Love that shirt and the 'put together'look :)

    Thanks for dropping by - you blog is fabulous (adding to bloglovin)!

  26. you look so cute! thanks so much for leaving such wonderful&sweet comments! will add a cat photo now to the same post.. have a great week dear,

  27. 100 pairs at your age?! You'll have 1,000 pairs when you're my age!!

    Great outfit! Love the cuff links on the shirt! =)

  28. I like the pleated skirt very much with the classic collared shirt. So lovely!


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