Monday, 30 November 2009

Slash Tights

Okkkk so I finally succumbed to the slashed tights trend, and made some myself. I love them, they're so goth and ferosshh, but they seriously are not very slimming. Haha


You can't really see the little safety pins, but I added a row of safety pins to the sides of my skirt. Anyways, I walked thru the mud because I didn't feel like walking all the way around the yard, and now my over the knee boots are so dirty blahhh.


The hardest thing about over the knee boots is trying not to look like I'm going to a club. I try to pair it with something sleeved and some tights/stockings/pants.

I'm wearing an old shirt that was part of my school uniform, random black pencil skirt with safety pins (not too clear in the picture though), my DIY slashed tights, Steve Madden over the knee boots, Abercrombie braided belt, and Forever 21 chain/charm necklace.

Friday, 27 November 2009

Playground Full of Leaves

Happy Thanksgiving!!!


It's always tricky deciding what to wear for family dinners. I like to pick something that has a longer hemline, covers the shoulder, and doesn't require wearing a jacket throughout dinner.


Vintage usually fits all the requirements, so just add in some hair acessories, like a feather headband, and you're ready for family dinner!


Anyways there was a huge pile of leaves outside my dorm. Don't you just love the crinkling sounds when you step on crunchy leaves? I'm in this facebook group called "I go out of my way to step on that extra crunchy looking leaf".


So much gratification when you step on a really crispy leaf. Silly I know!




I'm wearing a vintage dress, belt from Primark, and gladiators from Forever21.

Tuesday, 24 November 2009

Bunny Bow & DIY Staple Pumps

I feel like a bunny in this headband! I like fainted when I saw this big bow headband on the Forever 21 website!

I'm actually wearing two skirts. A little trick--when your skirt is too short, layer two skirts for length and added texture to your outfit. The longer lace skirt underneath is one of my DIY tutus. If you have no sewing skills, like me, skirts are probably the easiest thing to make. Yeah, funny expression in the next picture.

What do you think of the shoes??? There's been this huge craze around metal details--studs, spikes, zippers--which Marc Jacobs thinks is so passe. I happened to be reading The Skinny who blogged about using staples as embellishments so I decided to break out my black Enzo pumps and make them my first victim.

Closeup of my DIY shoes!

The really neat and ordered staples on these DIY shoes remind me of the studded Pigalle pumps by Christian Louboutin.

[[Update 12/02/09]] I've lined the inside with pieces of suede so they don't scratch and they're totally wearable!

I'm wearing Forever 21 sheer top, random tank underneath, Forever 21 black skirt, DIY lace skirt underneath, DIY stapled shoes, Nordstrom leather biker glove, and Forever 21 bow headband.

Friday, 20 November 2009

Rock Fashion Week

The second night of Rock Fashion Week featured Tristan+Trista, Boy Meets Girl, the Pink Dress Collection, and Biatta Intimates.

I met the very, very sweet and talented designer behind Tristan+Trista. Not only are her amazing outfits beautiful and very well crafted, each design has a story. More on Tristan+Trista in a later post!

Boy Meets Girl featured contemporary wears like denim, shirts, light jackets, and patterned stockings. There was edge to the collection but definitely still a very wearable.

The Pink Dress Collection featured the works of many designers. The fashion show was hosted to benefit the Susan G Komen foundation's efforts to cure breast cancer. Cool thing was a whole bunch of the models weren't stick thin!

I didn't really take pictures of the Biatta Intimates collection cuz it felt so awkward taking pictures of girls in skimpy lingerie. You should have seen all the guys, ugh, taking pictures the whole time. Butttt they did give away awesome gift bags with lingerie!!!

And what I wore for Rock Fashion Week...

The sheer dress is vintage with a lace applique on top and lace panels around the bottom of the skirt. I bought the jacket in Japan from Sly. It was called the Napoleon haha because of the military buttons, gold edging, and high collar.

With my friend Alicia! Detail of the skirt below.

And Sierra!

Anyways, when I have events like Rock Fashion Week, I try to put together outfits by mixing my favorite vintage items with modern pieces. I don't want to look like I came out of another time period, but I don't want to look like everyone else so I'll add something really "trendy" like this military jacket over a conservative dress like this one.

And now going to say hi to all of you on your blogs!

Sunday, 15 November 2009

GenArt Fresh Faces

---Recap of the GenArt Fresh Faces fashion show in Los Angeles from a couple weeks back! ---

Gen Art's Fresh Faces in Fashion event on October 29 was the opening night of Rock Fashion Week in Los Angeles. White tents at the Petersen Automotive Museum played venue host to the Spring 2010 runway collections of Leyendecker, Seneca Rising, MG Black Label menswear, Valerj Pobega, and Rory Beca.

For the event I ditched my recent shopping buys and pulled out my favorite vintage pieces. I'm wearing a vintage embroidered vest by Sue Wong, vintage lace skirt worn as a dress, fur collared zip-up hoodie by DKNY, feather hair piece from Japan, and black pumps by Enzo Angiolini.

First in the lineup was Leyendecker. I loved the leggings in the third picture. DIY??

Closing walk of Leyendecker.

The Seneca Rising collection was simple casualwear. My favorite part was the socks plus sandals though I don't think these strappy sandals go with the light and airy rompers and jumpsuits.

MG Black Label is one of the few menswear collections I've seen recently. If you ever wanted to see how the leggings plus shorts combo translated for men, just check below! It works in the third picture where the shorts meet the knee, but not so much in the second picture where the shorts hit mid thigh. I thought the mullet hair in the first picture was awesome.

Valerj Pobega was the most avant garde of the group like punk/goth meets medical supplies experiment. The colleciton, which featured deconstructed dresses in sheers and charmeuse, kimono sleeves, and long ropes dangling naughtily, left me with an eery feeling. To top off with accessories, all the models were fitted with jaw retainers made from ropes and dark eyes.

Closing the night was Rory Beca. Definitely something I could imagine myself wearing with it's mix of indie casual and sweet cocktail chic pieces. The running theme of the collection was the red soled Louboutins!

Also, snapped a few of the best dressed attendees. Here's Chelsea's outfit. All vintage and inspired by Japanese lolita fashion. A very structured wired skirt, splattered patterned stockings, square box purse, and little hat from Japan!

Carmel, left, was wearing a beaded military style jacket by Chanel and studded Louboutins. Kendra, right, is wearing Luella.

Thursday, 12 November 2009

Fall Florals & inherited MaxMara coat

Sunday morning I was waiting for a friend to pick me up, and thought I'd snap a few pictures while I was standing outside. And of course I forgot my camera! Just pulled these pics off my iPhone so the quality is a little fuzzy.

I love this wool MaxMara coat. My mom was going to throw it out!! It was all ready in the Goodwill pile, and I was like NOOOOOOOOO its so beautiful and perfectly lightweight and super uber warm!!!

I just love the volume of this jacket. And it's naturally cinched at the waist. It has such great shape without being overwhelming. Quite the opposite actually, very slimming.

And the shoes are Steve Madden a la Margiela Spring 2008. I bought them during the frenzy for Margiela sandals when everyone, myself included, was craving this oddly shaped, non functional sandal boot.

They have the triangular heel, not stiletto heel, which I think is way cooler...

Anyways, it's inspired a huge wave of really disgusting shoes. I sort of cringe when I see ugly shoes on ugly feet.

Anyways, I think I liked these shoes originally because they were the leaders of the pack, and sort of reshaped what a shoe could look like. But now that they're so mainstream, I dont know if I feel as excited about them. But they do get a lot of stares still! Hehehehe...

The print of the dress--dark florals for fall.

And I just stuck a huge flower in my hair so I wouldn't have to brush it. Okieeee ttfn! Thanks for reading! :)))))))) I'm gonna go visit your blogs and buy some plane tickets!

I'm wearing a wool jacket by MaxMara, vintage babydoll dress, Steve Madden shoes a la Margiela Spring 2008, and two-toned gloves from Nordstrom.

Sunday, 8 November 2009

Channeling Blair Waldorf

Do people ever stare at you just because you're wearing heels? It's even funnier, when they ask, "Why are you wearing heels?" Oh you know...I'm wearing heels just for fun!

alphabetachic, preppy

Soooooo Monday nights my girls and I have a little Gossip Girl viewing party. We all get dressed up as our favorite characters and sit around the tv sipping sparkling cider and dainty little desserts!

alphabetachic, preppy
I've been wearing this top so much since I bought it!!!

alphabetachic, preppy

I'm wearing a blazer from Forever 21, top by MM Couture, my favorite skirt by Betsey Johnson, gray patterned tights by Hue, shoes from River Island, vintage gloves, assorted bracelets.

Wednesday, 4 November 2009

Stunna Shades

Hi remember me? I can't think of any good excuses of why I've been gone, but maybe you'll forgive me now that I'm back online?!? I've missed you guys so much!!!

So I've been looking for a vest or blazer with contrasting lapels for the longest time. I really like how they accent the collar here.


The vest only has one real set of buttons. The bottom four are just for decoration.


Looking at the pictures I don't know if an armful of bracelets really goes with the look. Maybe lose the metal and opt for black beads/stone accessories.


Belt on the inside or the outside???


I love wearing my glasses at night or indoors!! I feel like I'm on a secret mission or trying to hide from the paparazzi, hahahah even though no one cares about taking my pics.

I'm wearing a bow tie halter top by MM Couture, black lapel vest by BB Dakota over it, black pants from Express, studded belt from Target, Forever 21 gladiators, vintage black clutch, and assorted Forever 21 cuffs and bracelets.

And I want to make a long overdue shoutout to the lovely bloggers who have given me awards!
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[[Update 11/06/09]] Omgggg silly me, I totally forgot to write 7 things about me! Soooo I think I'll list my favorite stylistas here:
  1. LOVE Lady Gaga's outfits and music. A lot of people bash Lady Gaga for wearing hideous getups and nonsensical clothes in public, but I think she redefines fashion! Lady Gaga inspires me to be more experimental and open minded with what I wear. Fashion doesn't always need to be "chic" or cute.
  2. Anna Dello Russo is always dressed to the nines in the daytime! It's interesting that she always has the same flat hair style and simple makeup style. Fashion and beauty are such overlapping industries, but she doesn't seem to do anything with her hair though.
  3. Michael Jackson! The jackets have so much detail! I could stare at it for hours! I wonder what it's like to dance in one of those.
  4. I've been obsessed with MK and Ashley Olsen for years! Definitely very effortless style. Unlike other celebrities, their most memorable outfits are almost always vintage.
  5. Rihanna is always sporting the latest designer duds on my wishlist and does 'trendy' really well!
  6. Katie Holmes & Suri are too cute...I'm going to faint.
  7. Japanese Lolita Girls. Seriously if I lived in Japan, I would be a gothic lolita. So over-the-top, all the crinolines, little hats, corsets, lace, ruffles, everything!
  8. I really admire bloggers who are brave enough to put themself out there!
[[Update 11/07/09]] Hahaha and apparently I can't count either...

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