Sunday, 15 November 2009

GenArt Fresh Faces

---Recap of the GenArt Fresh Faces fashion show in Los Angeles from a couple weeks back! ---

Gen Art's Fresh Faces in Fashion event on October 29 was the opening night of Rock Fashion Week in Los Angeles. White tents at the Petersen Automotive Museum played venue host to the Spring 2010 runway collections of Leyendecker, Seneca Rising, MG Black Label menswear, Valerj Pobega, and Rory Beca.

For the event I ditched my recent shopping buys and pulled out my favorite vintage pieces. I'm wearing a vintage embroidered vest by Sue Wong, vintage lace skirt worn as a dress, fur collared zip-up hoodie by DKNY, feather hair piece from Japan, and black pumps by Enzo Angiolini.

First in the lineup was Leyendecker. I loved the leggings in the third picture. DIY??

Closing walk of Leyendecker.

The Seneca Rising collection was simple casualwear. My favorite part was the socks plus sandals though I don't think these strappy sandals go with the light and airy rompers and jumpsuits.

MG Black Label is one of the few menswear collections I've seen recently. If you ever wanted to see how the leggings plus shorts combo translated for men, just check below! It works in the third picture where the shorts meet the knee, but not so much in the second picture where the shorts hit mid thigh. I thought the mullet hair in the first picture was awesome.

Valerj Pobega was the most avant garde of the group like punk/goth meets medical supplies experiment. The colleciton, which featured deconstructed dresses in sheers and charmeuse, kimono sleeves, and long ropes dangling naughtily, left me with an eery feeling. To top off with accessories, all the models were fitted with jaw retainers made from ropes and dark eyes.

Closing the night was Rory Beca. Definitely something I could imagine myself wearing with it's mix of indie casual and sweet cocktail chic pieces. The running theme of the collection was the red soled Louboutins!

Also, snapped a few of the best dressed attendees. Here's Chelsea's outfit. All vintage and inspired by Japanese lolita fashion. A very structured wired skirt, splattered patterned stockings, square box purse, and little hat from Japan!

Carmel, left, was wearing a beaded military style jacket by Chanel and studded Louboutins. Kendra, right, is wearing Luella.


  1. There are some great pieces. I hope you had fun!

  2. I love that vest you're wearing!

    Your new header is too cute!

  3. fabulous outfit you put together!
    xo chauss

  4. Love your vintage dress... you look so grown-up (not that I'm saying that you're still a little girl hahaha!)... it's just that I'm used to seeing you in cute and fun outfits. Now, you look so sophisticated.

  5. Ooh, what a great post. Those leggings would, indeed, make a fantastic DIY. If you don't do it, I might have to steal it from you. Hehe. And I love your outfit - the fabric of your dress looks stunning.

    Thanks so much for stopping by!
    (P.S. I changed my blog name, please update your links!)

  6. happy holidays to you too! i am so looking forward to x'mas - its my fave with the turkey, the ham and everything christmasy!

    LOVE LOVE LOVE that beaded military style jacket by Chanel! she looks gorgeous in it! i'd very much like to own one too..........

  7. Wow Hun, I luv ur outfit, ur pics, seriously another stunning and very inspiring post!!!! Hope u well : ) xxxx

  8. love these photos, thanks for sharing :))
    have a lovely week, xoxo

  9. Aww Rory Beca's super cas theme looks lovely! Thanks for the great coverage of the GenArt fashion show - I couldn't keep up with these things otherwise :)

  10. You are amazing, love your superstar outfit!! You seem to be attending fashion shows every other day lol! How do you do it??

  11. great clothes ^^ love the little hat and ur outfit ^^

  12. wow!
    such a great coat and catwalk!!
    So fab!!!

  13. You look stunning x

  14. Hey Patty Ann!! Love the outfit and specially the vintage lace skirt/dress!!! You should take care of it well coz it looks very special!! =)

  15. this looks like an amazing event! you look great in the lace, so pretty!

  16. I love the jacket and dress.

  17. awesome pictures. the lace dress is sooo cute.
    pre holiday sale!

  18. Your vest is incredible and so is that adorable mini top hat!

  19. Great photos! I love your vest

  20. Ohhh my friend James works for MG Blacklabel. I missed this show. :( Looks like you had a blast and I love your feather hairpiece.

  21. Love your outfit, as always, and the girl with the little hat! She looks amazing!

  22. You look gorgeous! I am loving that jacket!

    Love your new header as well! Too cute!

  23. Beautiful photos! Your header is so cute!

  24. Hello lovely,

    If U have a mood, look at my newer giveaway!


  25. I love your blog & your style! :) I am definitely following your blog, hope you are having a wonderful week so far.


  26. Love your jacket!! awesome!
    Thanks for the comment!

  27. Hey darlin,

    Left you an award on my blog:)


  28. hi patty, how are you?
    thank you so much for the good comments and
    for the award too. sorry for not getting back to you asap.
    i'm glad to be back from the trip and back to blogging as well.

    patty- you're one of those best dressed people that evening.
    i like your jacket. you really sparkled! thanks for the reviews on fashion week.

  29. Too bad we didnt' see each other at the show! Love your vintage outfit! xo, Mel

  30. Lovely outfit, you look gorgeous!especially love the lacy dress idea, fabulous!
    The rest of the pics are awesome, you are very lucky to be able to attend such a nice event.
    Great post, and thanks for following me too!
    Have a super day!

  31. making an ice-cream cake wasnt as easy as ABC as the video showed it to be! the moment i removed the cake mould, it starts to melt so so quickly - maybe cos its been really warm over here lately!

    ...but the experience was definitely a FUN one!

    there're 4 of us in the house :) i like the fun that sumtimes comes with having housemates, but i'm personally more attracted to the idea of apartment living ;) i'd love to own a small apartment to myself & then dress up the apartment anyway i love :D

  32. LOVE your jacket! <3

  33. I adore your blog these pics are great and your outfit is stunning. love the feather hair piece. I am glad I stumbled across your blog. I would love to exchange links with you!!!

    I will also become your follower.
    kiss kiss

  34. love the jacket!

    Ah your welcome! x

    For all things fashion:

  35. love your style and your blog (:
    xx cody

  36. Oh darling this is an amazing post! Love your outfit, I love the pieces you have shown and I love the first girls outfit, her hat is amazing! How lucky are you to be attending all these fashion shows?! Love the new banner as well, very cute! xo

  37. So sorry on being late with comments here. Dumb office internet had problems early this week.But all is well now:)

    Awww,you're so lucky getting to go to a fashion show again! Ahhhh,how I wished I was there tooo.

    Love love what you wore too! Vintage is the way to go girl:) I really adore your vintage vest with that gorgeous lace skirt as a dress.You look so beautiful!

    Wonderful collections at the show.Leyendecker and Rory Beca is my 2 favorites! lovely pieces tooo.

    Ohhh do go try out the chain headband,I bet it will look so perfect on you as well.heeee

    big hugsssss to you girl ! Missed you :D

  38. wow! great pics.
    i loved your vest.

  39. cute huh! I love it too!

    You jacket is gorgeous!

  40. it's just that I'm used to seeing you in cute and fun outfits. Now, you look so sophisticated.

    Lingerie Indulgence

  41. i love this such nice things


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