Friday, 20 November 2009

Rock Fashion Week

The second night of Rock Fashion Week featured Tristan+Trista, Boy Meets Girl, the Pink Dress Collection, and Biatta Intimates.

I met the very, very sweet and talented designer behind Tristan+Trista. Not only are her amazing outfits beautiful and very well crafted, each design has a story. More on Tristan+Trista in a later post!

Boy Meets Girl featured contemporary wears like denim, shirts, light jackets, and patterned stockings. There was edge to the collection but definitely still a very wearable.

The Pink Dress Collection featured the works of many designers. The fashion show was hosted to benefit the Susan G Komen foundation's efforts to cure breast cancer. Cool thing was a whole bunch of the models weren't stick thin!

I didn't really take pictures of the Biatta Intimates collection cuz it felt so awkward taking pictures of girls in skimpy lingerie. You should have seen all the guys, ugh, taking pictures the whole time. Butttt they did give away awesome gift bags with lingerie!!!

And what I wore for Rock Fashion Week...

The sheer dress is vintage with a lace applique on top and lace panels around the bottom of the skirt. I bought the jacket in Japan from Sly. It was called the Napoleon haha because of the military buttons, gold edging, and high collar.

With my friend Alicia! Detail of the skirt below.

And Sierra!

Anyways, when I have events like Rock Fashion Week, I try to put together outfits by mixing my favorite vintage items with modern pieces. I don't want to look like I came out of another time period, but I don't want to look like everyone else so I'll add something really "trendy" like this military jacket over a conservative dress like this one.

And now going to say hi to all of you on your blogs!


  1. look so pretty! I love that skirt and paired with that jacket it's awesome!

  2. I love your dress... it's just so lovely.

  3. this is all awesome !
    i love tristan +trista's jackets . and those jeans from boy meets girl is cool too . the bleaching is not too overtly done .

    and ur military jacket works really good over that white maxi dress.

  4. Oh you look so incredibly gorgeous in this outfit! I love the floaty dress paired with the chic jacket!! I think this is my fave outfit of yours:)

  5. OMG! YOU are sooo GORGEOUS! I luv your dress and to pair it with that FABULOUS jacket is solely INGENIOUS! This is another FAB post!
    I luv both collections and your HEADER is SUPER CHIC! LUV IT!:))

  6. I'm surprised that I didn't meet you at the fashion show! Nice coverage :)

  7. I'm leaving you an award on my blog! Thanks for all your super duper amazing and detailed comments...they make me so happy! You are a such a beautiful blogger!

  8. DAHAHA! I love that jacket SO much - awesome coverage of the show, deary :) It's great staying in touch with the fashion world while I'm on the bottom end of the southern hemisphere... *heart!*

  9. i wanna go to japan this instance! love that Napoleon jacket of urs....

  10. great coverage, thanks for sharing!

  11. I got to say,I love love all 3 designers collecctions here! So so beautiful and I want just one piece from one designer! Ahhhhhhh

    Really adore what you wore and that lace dress is beautiful! Pefect with that fitted blazer <3

    So lovely you got to meet with many awesome people too

  12. Wow, you went to another fashion show! Thats amazing, you are so lucky to go to all these events. And you look so well! I love this outfit, the jacket looks so well with the vintage dress. xo

  13. great event. i love your blazer, such a contrast to the very feminine dress ;)

  14. THat dress is so delicate & prettty!

  15. This looks like an amazing show! Your sheer lace dress is gorgeous!

  16. I love the combination of floaty and hard in your outfit! Such a great shout. And the designers are amazing!

  17. Hi Patty Ann. How are you? I've been meaning to drop by but my internet has been slow lately so I'm having a hard time visiting people's blogs.

    Great post! I really like what you wore to the fashion show. I love the detail in your white dress and it looks perfect with the navy jacket. Your outfit is very well put together. Everything down to the shoes and how you did your hair.

    The runway collections are also very nice. Hope you have a wonderful week :)

  18. Your jacket is so sick, i have yet to go to Japan.

  19. I just love the idea of the pink dress collection. And your jacket is just fabulous!

  20. Wow, Luved ur post,the pics,everything!!! U look amazing here too, super stylish!!!!

    Have a stunning day ! : ) xxxx

  21. Your outfit looks perfect!
    Really love the jacket,I would love to go to Japan it would amazing

  22. I love the short dresses and you look unique in this great white dress and jacket!

  23. omg could not be more jealous
    girl you look STUNNING
    love the look

  24. wow, i'm so jealous you've been to watch many fashion shows already. i hope i can get a chance somebody will invite me too.

    patty, you got a nice white skirt. i love the details on it.
    oh, i love your new holiday header too!

  25. you look absolutely stunning my dear! mustve been such a fun event too! have a great week sweets. xx ediot

  26. Oh my! It must be so exciting to go to all these shows. You must feel like a super star. I know I would, hehe. Love your dress -it looks so pretty and flowy!

    Thanks so much for stopping by!

  27. lovely lovely outfit! The dress is gorgeous and oh so chic with the military jacket :)

  28. Lady love! Your comments are the sweetest. :)

  29. Great post, I love the boyish look!

    You blazer is awesome, you look pretty

  30. Re:Yeahhh,I heard its Thanksgiving this week and a long long weekend for you all!

    Ohhhh,its Hari Raya Haji here in Singapore. A malay occasion,but we get the off too.I'm excited for the long weekend<3 <3
    Those cookies are really yum yummy! I'm still enjoying them :)

    And yayyy for the tag,I can't wait to see your items.
    I'm not sure if I've told you yet,but I'm getting you a present for Christmas! So I wanted to know if there's anything on your wishlist and the swap package you sent me. Is that you address I can sent your present too ?

    Emailing you as well <3

  31. i love this darling
    thanks for sharing
    love your blog, so awesome, keep it up
    and thanks for the sweet comments, ive linked you!

    check out my blog @

  32. Love the way how you added a pinch of military feeling to your utterly girlish sheer dress! You look super great in this outfit and it's inspiring! :)

    Cheers, Trish

  33. Looove your blog darling :-) Gorgeous post!!! Love these photos :-) Thanks for your comment on my're very very nice :-)

  34. Tristin+Trista...such a cute name....and i really like their designs too!
    Totally loving your dress+jacket look here. Stunning!

  35. Great post, that must have been fun.I love your outfit, especially the jacket. Also, I tagged you on my blog.

  36. Hi

    thank you for your lovely comment!
    and your blog is lovely!!
    would you like to do a link exchange?

  37. I love your outfit! The vintage dress is so dreamy!

  38. I soooo love how you put the old and the new together! It makes so much sense in the end! Absolutely fab!

    I'm particularly lusting over your jacket!

    Hello from Manila!


  39. Ohh darling how cute you look, I just love how you worn that sheer dress with the military blazer, such a creative way to dress!
    Hope you're doing great:)


  40. thanks so much for the comment on my blog !!
    you are so cute.


  41. adorable looking!!
    pre-holiday sale ends 12.01

  42. this dress is gorgeous. Added you to my blogluvin so I don't miss an updat x

  43. Darling I truly think that you should have been up on that runway yourself - your ensemble is literally to die for! That military blazer is just too amazing!

    By the way, loving your new header! :)

  44. Wow it looke fantastic! I am a bit jealous


  45. Oh you look so incredibly gorgeous in this outfit! I love the floaty dress paired with the chic jacket

    Lingerie Indulgence

  46. I love fashion and shoes
    and in shoes i love skechers uk shoes


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