Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Weekender in SF

Had brunch at the Crown and Crumpet in Ghiradelli Square in San Francisco. Perfect for tea, scones, and finger sandwiches, and well I love anything pink, cute, or English. The Crown & Crumpet is very whimsical, and just right for a light bite with a couple of my girls.

AlphaBetaChic, Free People jacket, American Rag dress

This jacket and dress feel made for each other.
AlphaBetaChic, Free People jacket, American Rag dress
This dress is beautiful, and perfect for spring. The mix of flower print and stripes...lovessss it.
AlphaBetaChic, Free People jacket, American Rag dress
The skirt is also double layered with a tulip shape in the flower print, and striped pencil skirt under it. I'm really liking this double layered skirt thing that's becoming popular. It reminds me a lot of 80s muffin dresses, which are soooooooo cute.
AlphaBetaChic, Free People jacket, American Rag dress
Military Ruffle Jacket: Free People
Dress: American Rag
Shoes: Target

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Monday, 22 February 2010

$30 Gift Card GIVEAWAY to Cute Ability

I'm really excited to announce that I'm teaming up with

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to the Cute Ability shop on Etsy. Here's a brief interview with Sharon, the jewelry designer behind Cute Ability, and my favorites from her shop (click pictures to see product info pages)!

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What is your name and where are you from?
My name is Sharon Coffelt and I live in the little bitty Valley of Sherwood Tennessee, surrounded by Mountains.

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Tell us about Cute Ability.
Unique, whimsical and imaginative jewelry crafted with a mix of unexpected elements along with sterling silver and gold filled jewelry made with high quality gemstones, gorgeous pearls, charms and pendants.

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What is the inspiration behind Cute Ability?
My inspiration comes from my Customers. When they let me know how much they love something I designed it is an amazing feeling!

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When did you start designing jewelry? Why do you enjoy making jewelry in your spare time?
I started designing jewelry as a hobby in 2008 around the time my youngest daughter left Home and I guess you could say this was a way of my dealing with the dreaded "Empty Nest Syndrome". It quickly went from a hobby into a full time business and it is a great stress reliever for me not to mention fun!

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What kind of girl do you imagine wearing your pieces?
Someone who is fun loving and who isn't afraid to stand out in the crowd and be different!

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Where do you get your materials?
I am always on the look out for unusual pieces and stuff that you wouldn't expect to be worn as jewelry. It’s amazing where one can find trinkets to turn into jewelry and my never ending imagination doesn’t hurt either!

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Wednesday, 17 February 2010

Made Her Think

Saturday was girl-time and dinner at Mi Piace, an upscale Italian kitchen in Pasadena. It used to be the most popular place to have your birthday party back in middle school LOL but returning to eat something other than their (good) pizza was nice. Order the chocolate soup, this very rich, dark chocolate souffle! Anyways the night ended up at Elevate Lounge in downtown LA for some dancing and chatting.

This indigo eyelet sweater was a recent purchase. It has this unusual zig-zag pattern, and its perfect for warm nights when you just need somehting to cover your shoulders, not necessarily to keep warm.

I'm wearing another Rodarte for Target dress. Looking at my posts it looks like I'm obsessed with the collection, even though I'm actually not. But I'm so easily distracted at Target...there's just so much to buy there!

Another color combination that I'm really into right now: mustard yellow and deep indigo.

studded sweater: trina turk (loveeee her)
lace dress: rodarte for target
studded belt: bought in kyoto, japan
studded shoes a la gucci babouska sandals: wild pair

Anywayssss, I'm obsessed with this online boutique MADE HER THINK.

Rings, killer.

Clutch, want.

Hello, need! I wonder if its hard to wear this, and still be functional.

and this is how you wear it.

Monday, 15 February 2010

Nautical Red

I'm back after a nice, long weekend. So many things going on: Chinese New Year, Valentine's Day, President's Day, Mardi Gras (almost)! Went for some delicious Dim Sum at Full House to ring in the lunar new year! Dim Sum brunch is definitely one of my favorite dining events...great conversation over tea and a range of delicacies.

Festively dressed for the New Year AND Valentine's Day.

This jacket is turning out to be so versatile. The beige/bone color isn't striking like an all white jacket, but still matches everything!

Plus I LOVE metallic shoes. I hope this becomes a huge trend so it won't be so hard to find metallic shoes!

military ruffle jacket: free people
striped top: vintage
skirt: primark
belt: calvin klein
shoes: forever 21
double finger cross ring: forever 21

Wednesday, 10 February 2010

Poncho Rug

After dinner in Silver Lake at GingerGrass (yes, I went to a Vietnamese restaurant), I was walking over to the Red Lion Tavern (this really casual, completely unpretentious German open air pub next door) when my friend goes why are you wearing a rug? Which was followed by what is that furry thing? Anyways, ponchos and hand muffs need to become more mainstream so my friends don't think I'm wearing home decor and dead animals.

If you can believe these boots were £2. The girls and I went to Primark and got them in every color!

poncho: vintage
hand muff: DIY
white jacket: free people
eyelet tights: macy's
fringe boots: primark

Also, check out my blogger feature interview with What Was I Thinking. Christine drew my picture!!! It's been one of my secret wishes to be exciting!! Thank you so much!


Sunday, 7 February 2010

Another Rodarte for Target Dress

Dropped by The Association Bar for Amanda's bday the other night. The lighting is perfect inside, the lounge is a little small, though, overall. The ambience is really calm and the crowd is a bit older. Next door is a small gallery. You can see a figure through the window--he reminds me of the monster from Pan's Labyrinth with the eyes on his hands lol.

AlphaBetaChic, Rodarte for Target lace slip dress, Forever 21 studded vest, Nine West Gold shoes, Pirate bracelet

Wore this beige Rodarte for Target dress. The material is so flimsy and see through that you need to wear another slip underneath haha. A lot of people love the Rodarte lace dresses tho btw! Plus this hand bracelet cuff thing received a lot of attention, a homeless person came up to inquire about it...true story.

AlphaBetaChic, Rodarte for Target lace slip dress, Forever 21 studded vest, Nine West Gold shoes, Pirate bracelet

I want to try this dress with something softer like a white sweater, kind of like a ballerina look. Any thoughts?

lace dress: rodarte for target
studded vest: forever 21
belt: target
shoes: nine west
hand bracelet/cuff thing: bought in Harajuku, Japan

Also, saw these really weird hand and finger bracelets and rings by Delfina Delettrez. Kinda creepy but pretty intriguing. The cuffs are made with an 'opposable thumb' so you can clamp it onto your wrist...clever, huh? All available on Luisa Viaroma.
Found more of her jewelry...I really like these spiders on a web cuff and ring.

Not one, not two, but three skulls on a ring!

And obviously I'm a fan of this skeleton hand bracelet.

Monday, 1 February 2010

Free People Jacket + TuTu Dress

Dropped by The Edison in downtown LA the other night. The venue is actually underground with unique historical power & water machinery decor. Dress code (nice!), no dance floor (boo!), perfect for chatting in twos or groups. Too bad it was pretty filled up so we couldn't snag a table at the last minute.

Jacket from Free People. The high collar and ruffles make it a little Victorian, but its not too frilly and feminine with the military buttons.

Just love the rounded opening of the jacket too.

military ruffle jacket: Free People
lace dress: twelve by twelve from Forever 21
flower leggings: random

Anddd have you heard of Vika Gazinskaya? This Russian designer, with an insane haircut btw, that does really futuristic collections. All of her pieces are quite geometric and play dramatically with shape and volume. Most of the pieces have a cocoon shape to it, very high fashion-esque. Also, Vika's personal style is so versatile--pop, vintage, minimalistic, sophisticated, chic, she does all of the above.

Look at the shoulders...and the nude shoes!!! Perfect color combination.

AlphaBetaChic, Vika GazinskayaAlphaBetaChic, Vika Gazinskaya
AlphaBetaChic, Vika GazinskayaAlphaBetaChic, Vika Gazinskaya

In one of her own designs.

This dress by Vika Gazinskaya instantly reminded me of Fleet Street!!! LOL my uni peeps know what I'm talking about, right?!!?! It looks like a penguin suit!!!

Omgg I wish I was insanely tall for one day so I could try on this column dress. I love the roll in the back, a lot like a Japanese obi (taiko musubi?) Some of the pieces have a pop-cartoon-ish feel to them.

When I Google'd Vika, her name pops up under the suggested keywords with her BFF Miroslava's name..."Vika Gazinskaya and Miroslava Duma". OMGGGG wouldn't that be sooooo so cool if your name showed up with your bff as a search term???