Sunday, 7 February 2010

Another Rodarte for Target Dress

Dropped by The Association Bar for Amanda's bday the other night. The lighting is perfect inside, the lounge is a little small, though, overall. The ambience is really calm and the crowd is a bit older. Next door is a small gallery. You can see a figure through the window--he reminds me of the monster from Pan's Labyrinth with the eyes on his hands lol.

AlphaBetaChic, Rodarte for Target lace slip dress, Forever 21 studded vest, Nine West Gold shoes, Pirate bracelet

Wore this beige Rodarte for Target dress. The material is so flimsy and see through that you need to wear another slip underneath haha. A lot of people love the Rodarte lace dresses tho btw! Plus this hand bracelet cuff thing received a lot of attention, a homeless person came up to inquire about it...true story.

AlphaBetaChic, Rodarte for Target lace slip dress, Forever 21 studded vest, Nine West Gold shoes, Pirate bracelet

I want to try this dress with something softer like a white sweater, kind of like a ballerina look. Any thoughts?

lace dress: rodarte for target
studded vest: forever 21
belt: target
shoes: nine west
hand bracelet/cuff thing: bought in Harajuku, Japan

Also, saw these really weird hand and finger bracelets and rings by Delfina Delettrez. Kinda creepy but pretty intriguing. The cuffs are made with an 'opposable thumb' so you can clamp it onto your wrist...clever, huh? All available on Luisa Viaroma.
Found more of her jewelry...I really like these spiders on a web cuff and ring.

Not one, not two, but three skulls on a ring!

And obviously I'm a fan of this skeleton hand bracelet.


  1. You wore it soooo well. Though I love ballerinas, I try to not do too dainty too much.
    The bracelet/glove is AMAZING! And the last picture of the skeleton hand has been on my wishlist forever. Such a gorgeous piece.

  2. I do love love this Rodarte for Target dress!! They have so many colors and I would die just to have one of them:)

    Anyway you look so stunning and wearing the gloves with this outfit adds that rocker vibe which I love <3

  3. so so so so cute! Im jealous!

  4. dress matches your skintone really well

  5. This is so beautiful I wish we could get hold of it here in the UK the collection is so amazing. You look gorgeous xoxo

  6. cute header

    i love the bracelets

  7. I have this dress, too! My only Rodarte for Target purchase. Haven't worn it yet, was thinking maybe Valentine's Day? Love how you gave it an edge though here. That wrist thingy is fierce!

  8. Natalie Portman wore that dress to an event recently!! It looks great on you, I love how you personalized it with your awesome accessories.

    <3 Christine

  9. Love the dress sweetie. And your bracelets are so cool. xoxo

  10. that dress is a dream! wish we would have Target here.
    have a lovely week, xoxo

  11. So cute!


  12. Hi lady! Again, it was so great to meet you, and I hope we can all meet up again for some shopping! I love how you paired the vest with this dress. Fab look!

    xo, becs

  13. you look great and the jewelry pieces are sooooo freaking bada$$!

  14. hi patty! i really like that rodarte dress, need to get my hands on some of the collection before it's gone. and i've been contemplating on getting that one forever 21 ring you introduced at the meet up.

    see you soon!

  15. That skeleton bracelet is sooo freaking cool! I really love the Delettrez rings as well.

  16. hey,
    sorry for not visiting for such a long time....I had so much on my mind with school and about to read every single post i missed here :)
    I love your dress and the jewelry is so beautiful!
    I am searching the internet for rings like that for days now:)


  17. lovely dress!


  18. You looks so beautiful!!

  19. i admire this combination girl. such fab vest ;)

  20. i love your hand/bracelet thing, v cool.

    Nabila xo


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