Sunday, 14 March 2010

Acura Launch Party. W Hollywood

is insanely beautiful, and taking my friend K's words "I check out cars like guys check out girls" so the Acura ZDX Launch Party at the W Hollywood was my kind of Friday night event.

Paparazzi! Please, please, no pictures!

Invisible rear door handle, really, everyone hesitated when they tried to open the door.

No drinking and driving S!

The event also featured a photo exhibition by high fashion photog Erik Madigan Heck.

ref. How I Met Your Mother
Marshall to Ted: "Brad bought me lilies"
Marshall to Brad: "I dont know how you knew that I like calla lilies"

I want one of those fuzzy hats! Those dangly things on the sides are paws that double as gloves sorta.

Finally chased down a food truck. Checking twitter for locations is not as easy as it sounds! Yummy macaroni grilled cheese sandwich from The Grilled Cheese Truck.

Thanks to Jessica for making sure I was on the list for this event! BTW I'm wearing

bronze/burgundy jacket: vintage
dress: rachel rachel roy via macy's
handbag: michael kors

pumps: kenneth cole

assorted vintage bracelets

and my friend S is wearing

sweater, pants, socks: h&m
striped shirt: ralph lauren
bow tie: drake's
peacoat: club monaco
shoes: steve madden

And P.S. video clip of the W Hollywood. Chandeliers and grand staircases.


  1. Wow, you look great! Looks like you had a ton of fun!

  2. what a cool event! i would have never thought of attending a car launch, but this seems like you all had a glamorous time. i'm clearly in love with your gold jacket... loving the stripes as well :)


  3. HAHHAHAHA I <3 you p3!!

    Also, this jacket is very interesting. It seems reminiscent of Chinese style -- is it?

  4. You're such a celebrity now! I love that vintage jacket, it just makes the whole outfit so special.

  5. Love that jacket! You seem to have a natural attraction to the coolest, sparkliest jackets :)

    What Acura is that?? Looks so hot!


  6. I'm totaly in love with your golden jacket!

  7. amazing pictures, you look fabulous

  8. She is a super star without doubt. :) Great pics!

  9. Wooow, you looked dazzlingly beautiful, love the cars, but what would they have been without your presence..??

    Lovely post, great pics! Thanks for sharing!

    Hope your week is off to a great start.


  10. awww, it looks like so much fun! :) love the first photo so much :)))

    hey, darling, I have changed the name and url of my blog to please, update it in your lists :) thanks, xxx

  11. that car is fab! love the pictures!

    just started a giveaway on my blog! i'd love for you and your readers to enter!

  12. I adore your jacket. looks like you had a great time. x

  13. I want one of those hats too, they look so cosy!

  14. That jacket is awesome!!
    XoXo Veronica

  15. Great outfit and nice blog!!!

  16. Great pics ! Looks like a fun, successful event :) Mon Mode Blog

  17. lovely jacket i love thephotos

  18. Patty you are soo cute! I love your jacket! :)


  19. Great jacket! Hahaha. I love your first pic! Very celebrity-ish. And those fuzzy hats!!!! I want one! :P

  20. Great jacket! Hahaha. I love your first pic! Very celebrity-ish. And those fuzzy hats!!!! I want one! :P

  21. You look like a celebrity!! Hey, those guys are cute!

  22. 1. that car is the most incredible thing i've ever seeeeeeen.

    2. calla lillies are my favorite flower.

    3. the bronze jacket is gorgeous!

  23. Wow! Lo ve the papparazzi photos^^


  24. the bronze jacket is amazzing !! I wanna see your bag more loving from the glimpse of it :D


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