Monday, 1 March 2010

GIVEAWAY $30 Gift Card to White Owl

I'm very happy to announce that I'm hosting another giveaway! This time Christina and Courtney of White Owl

were so sweet to offer a
$30 gift certificate

to my readers. Check out my interview with the girls, and some of my favorite pieces from their Etsy shop! Click pictures to see more info.

What are your names? Where are you from? How do you know each other?
My name is Courtney Spivak, I am from Michigan, and Christina is my sister, so I have known her since I was born!

Tell us about White Owl. Also how did you come up with the name? Is this a full time endeavor or part time hobby?
Well, I love owls and Christina loves the color white, so that's how the name came together. White Owl is our collaboration- Christina does lace necklaces, and I make partially repurposed multi chain necklaces with vintage and new chains. We sometimes cross territories, but that's usually how things split up. For me, White Owl is a part time endeavor (I also teach Film at a local college), but Christina does the Etsy thing full time and picks up my slack!

Describe your creative process, such as where you get materials, what are some of your inspirations, why you work primarily with lace pieces, etc.
We get inspiration from everywhere! Magazines, films, interesting resale finds... our materials are a mix of old and new, so we go to a lot of flea markets and resale shops! Right now we are just really enjoying lace and but we are experimenting with more textile jewelry for a possible future project too.

When did you both start designing jewelry? Do you have formal training? Why do you enjoy it?
We both have made jewelry for ourselves and others off and on through the years. However, we only started selling on Etsy, in stores, and doing craft shows in the past year or so. Why do we enjoy it? I guess I just get satisfaction from creating something interesting and new!

What kind of girl do you imagine wearing your pieces?
An eclectic, urban world traveler type, maybe. I think the pieces could work for everyone, though!

$30 Gift Certificate

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This giveaway will be open for 1 week, and ends on March 9, 2010 at 12PM.

I will use to pick the winner. This giveaway is open worldwide. Good luck!

[[UPDATE 03/09/10]] I've closed the comments section because the giveaway is now closed. Thank you for participating, and please check out my current giveaway!